The #BMOScavengerHunt Sweepstakes!

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Sweepstake fans, listen up because I have the ultimate sweepstake promotion for you- BMO Harris Bank Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes. THe BMO Harris Bank Scavenger Hunt is a 5 week long interactive game experience that offers financial tips and the chance to win cash prizes by entering a weekly sweepstakes! The game takes you through a town-like environment, highlighting key milestones in life. Each week opens a new environment that focuses on a life-stage moment, where you can discover relevant financial information and collect tokens for your chance to win from $500-$2,000 dollars.

The weekly life stages includes having a new baby, getting a job, purchasing a new home, getting ready for college, and managing your finances. Each week you can access the game on Facebook, which takes you through true/false questions, multiple choice questions, text tips, and video footage. You can pick up tokens along the way to make it accessible to the sweepstakes.

Being pregnant with my third baby, I was very intrigued in collecting the tokens for information about saving for college. With my husband and both both being professionals, college was a very important and integral part of our lives. With two kids and one on the way though, savings for college can be a big burden. I took the quiz on facebook and was given informative information to help save for college. One of the questions asked me if the following question was true or false?- by By the time a child born in 2006 reaches college age, the average cost of 4-year college tuition will be close to $200,000?! That answer is true which  is so astonishing! That is why I am going to rely on BMO Harris Bank to help me save money for college and other necessities in the journey of life.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.55.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.55.01 PM

To learn more about this great sweepstakes, visit BMO Harris Bank on Facebook.

So, what is your plan for saving for college?

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