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Tax season is upon us and the deadline to file taxes is quickly approaching. I don’t know about you but tax season always stresses me out. Owning my blog business, being a dentist, and having a husband who owns a practice, seems to be very daunting when we try to start to fill out our taxes. So in order to fill out our taxes effectively and efficiently we follow a few basic principles:Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.44.29 PM

1. We make sure we are organized all year round. We do not let the deadline date determine when we will start to think about our taxes. By keeping track of our finances from one fiscal year to another, we know we are not rushing when it is time to file.

2. Even though we tend to use a tax service, we make sure all our finances are bookmarked. My husband uses a computer program to keep track of everything going in and out of our house including personal, work, and vacation expenses.

3. We always keep our paystubs and receipts. No matter where we are or what we spend, we make sure to get a receipt and keep it with us until the actual day we file, and then some time after. So many people throw out these important pieces of information and they could help  keeping track of finances that much easier.

4. We use to find the best coupon codes and tax software deals for everything from H&R Block to TurboTax. It is daunting how many services there are out there and helps me find that great deal! They have 23 Tax Software Coupons offers including 2 coupon codes, 19 sales, and 2 free shipping coupon. Be sure to check out their Tax Season Deals to get you started today!  Going on now is a fabulous Tax Season Sweepstakes for you to enter!Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.44.36 PM

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  1. says

    Keeping paystubs and receipts. Uuuugh – where do you guys keep them? I feel like they are so loose and putting them into a shoebox is too messy. How do you file them organized?

  2. Kaitlin Collins says

    This tax season will be my very first where I am responsible for doing my taxes! Being an adult is hard – sigh. I will definitely buy some awesome tax software to make it easier!

  3. Margaret says

    Filing your own taxes doesn’t need to be hard if you spend a little time each month organizing your receipts and accounts into one place. Then when tax season comes, you have everything you need. Using a program like Turbo Tax or an online program helps you get all the deductions and credits that you deserve!

  4. Katiria says

    We always end up having to pay taxes ever since we got married we have never received a refund. When we were single we would get at least $80 back and that’s better than having to pay $2,000!

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