I love my Snugg Case for my Kindle!

A few months ago I upgraded to the new Kindle and I never looked back. I am in love with my Kindle but I never felt it was protected. I put on one cheap case on it, but in a few days, that case failed me and ended up breaking. Luckily, Snugg cases contacted me and asked if I wanted to review the 9 inch case for my Kindle HD.logo

If you are unfamiliar with Snugg, they are the premiere makers of cases for mostly all electronics including iPads, tablets, smartphones, and kindles to name  few. The Snugg case for the Kindle 9 inch is AMAZING! First off, when I received it, I was amazed how truly durable the case is, all while being not too bulky. The last thing I want when I look for a case is something that is heavy. With the Snugg case, I am readily able to transport my kindle from one spot to another, while barely feeling it. My 3 year old got a hold of it and ultimately dropped my kindle with the Snugg case on. I was so surprised that the kindle did not break, and there was no damage to the case/kindle. This is definitely what I look for in a good case.

There is two positions that you can use with this case. I am able use the stand that comes with the case to view my book either vertically or horizontally. A lot of times I tend to hold my kindle but it is nice for some, that like to read at their desk. You simply use the stand and you don’t need to touch your kindle again, other than to turn the page. There is also an integrated stylus loop, for those who like to use a pen to operate their kindle. The pen does not come with it, but the case is set up to receive it. Kindle case

When the Snugg case is closed, it signals to the kindle to go into sleep mode. On the flip side, when open, it will automatically open your Kindle Fire HD. This helps save on battery power and not have to make me constantly charge my kindle, like I am used to. I am a big fan of this feature!

The Snugg cases are probably the best value cases for what you  will receive. The case I received retails on the Snugg website for $29.99, which is totally reasonable in my opinion. It is also provided with a lifetime guarantee, their promise of quality, no fuss return, worldwide delivery, and free standard delivery. Be sure to check out Snugg cases today!


*I received a Snugg case for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


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