Pregnant- Almost 18 weeks in!!!

I seriously can’t believe that I am going to be 18 weeks this coming Friday! Crazy how fast this pregnancy went! My friend Sarah from ItsAVol does some pregnancy features and I thought it would be cute to answer some of the questions she does weekly. We are both due one week apart of each other , so it is fun to see how our pregnancies compare and differ. The big day is this coming Monday- boy or girl??????

Due Date:  July 11, 2014!
Total Weight Gained:  +10 pounds
How big is baby?  Hmm.. I am not really sure!
Labor Signs: None thankfully
Maternity Clothes: Not really yet. This week, I am going to whip them out!
Stretch Marks: None so far. I had none with either kid, so it best stick like that:)
Sleep: So good! I sleep 8-10 hours a night. I am not tired during the day but at night, I conk out!
Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: No more sickness!!! No more sickness!! No more sickness! Since this is my last child, I will never have to deal with morning sickness again or in my case all day sickness!
Movement: I am told he/she moves a ton but I have felt very little. Maybe gas bubble type movements but that is it.
Food Cravings: Nothing really except diet soda! Bad, I know!
Food Aversions: Nothing at all!
Sex: We will find out on Monday
Names: We have them picked out but you will find out in July:)
Exercise:  Double and single tennis
What I miss: No food but beer/wine. I promise you I am not really a lush!
What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby move! With Zane I had an anterior placenta, so I hope this time, it is posterior so I can actually feel the baby.

Me at 16 weeks:

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    Aww congrats. It’s so funny that you say you miss alcohol – I’ve heard so many people say that they missed it while pregnant even though they barely drink. I think its just human to want what you can’t have, in a sense.

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    Wow, so exciting!! Man, I don’t look that good when I’m not pregnant.. much less at 16 weeks! Ha!! I was in maternity clothes at 6 weeks with this last one. That’s awesome that you’re staying fit and healthy. :)And yay for no more morning sickness!! I’m so excited to find out what you’re having!! Do you have a gut boy/girl feeling either way??

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