Lola’s Math Train 2 app!

I recently heard about an Education Week study on NPR where students in China rank a full two academic years ahead in Math than their American counterparts. Does this alarm anyone else the way is scares me in this ever shrinking global economy?! Of course I immediately ripped open the flash cards I had purchased for my kids last year and had yet to open. That held their attention for all of two minutes before they went back to their game on the iPad.  I remember looking at them and thinking, no wonder we are so far behind! You know the trick in parenting is the “if you can’t beat’em, join ‘em” approach, so I’ve done just that! They want to play on their iPad instead of do math flashcards with mommy? Sure! Because I just downloaded a great new app called Lola’s Math Train 2! This is a colorful and fun app that guides children through simple math problems, and helps them understand what they are learning with interactive characters. It feels like a game to them, but shhhhh! They are learning math while having fun!unnamed-3

Lola’s Math Train 2 costs only $1.99 but there are nineteen exciting mathematics games to play with Lola Panda™.  These games help kids to learn addition, subtraction, and simple puzzle solving, all while they are having fun!

unnamed-2There is a  LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker for parents in the Parent’s section that keeps you updated on your child’s progress. You are able to see which tasks are simple or challenging for your child so parents know what skills to work on. I love that there are various levels to choose from so both Zane and Hayley can use the app. The game design is super easy-to-use, and the games continue advancing in difficulty as children’s skills improve. When kids have finished a number of tasks they get to pick out a party outfit to celebrate! Talk about incentive!unnamed-1

Here is more information about this great app:

Key Features:

- Nineteen exciting mathematics games with Lola Panda™

- Learn addition, subtraction, and simple puzzle solving

- LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker keeps you updated on your child’s progress.

- Various levels to choose from

- Easy-to-use game design

- Advancing difficulty as children’s skills improve

This is such a cute game and my kids love to play it. I know they are little and just at the beginning of their math journey, but I have to say this app has made me feel a lot better about getting an early start.

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  1. Marysa says

    This sounds like a great way to get kids engaged and having fun learning. I’ll have to check this out for my daughter (she’s in 1st grade).

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