The ABC’s of Children’s Coughs and Colds!

I had the privilege last week to interview Dr. Zak Zarbockpediatrician and founder of Zarbee’s. He had some  safe and effective tips that families can easily incorporate into their daily routine – in addition to washing hands and hugging your cough or sneeze – to help everyone stay healthy this winter.  Even with all of this prevention strategies we learn about, some kids (and parents!) will still get sick this winter.  When looking for ways to help relieve your child’s cough and cold symptoms this season, it is important to understand which ingredients to avoid. Traditional cough medicines are under FDA scrutiny and have been deemed unsafe for children under age four, leaving many parents struggling with how to help their child as they cough through the whole night and not getting their (and parents too!) much needed sleep. Because no parent wants to see their child in discomfort, Dr. Zak has some simple and safe A, B, C’s to keep your child’s cough in check without reaching for those medicines that are under scrutiny – Anti-Inflammatory, Buckwheat Honey and Children’s Nasal Saline Sprays.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.54.04 AM

This winter, Dr. Zak Zarbock recommended the importance of hand washing at the right times, such as when the kids are coming home from school or adults are coming home from work. He also recommended watching our diet for the amount of sugar in our diet, which will boost our immune system, as well as a good probiotic, which can be found in yogurt. By taking Vitamin D, it will help fight off some of those diseases that linger in the winter months.

If kids get sick with a bad cough, it is important to use a good nasal spray to clear the airways. Also, hydration is vital to thin micous and help our bodies recover. Lastly, rest is so important. Buckwheat honey has been found a useful agent to help clear coughs and is all natural.

He talked to me about sending kids back to school after sick. They need to be fever free for 24 hours and to have an improvement of the green, runny nose. If they are bouncing back and have energy, they probably are better enough to be sent to school. If you are unsure, consult with your doctor.

There is still close to 60 percent of parents giving cough medicines that might not be good for them. Zarbee’s provides a safe treatment for those with a cough. Zarbee’s is all natural and provides quick and effective relief for your children,  sick with a bad cough this winter season.  You can find more at and all the major retailers in the cold aisle.



*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    Thank you for this review. I have a 25 pound four year old. He’s the weight of most 2 year olds and its very very hard to give him medicine because he’s just a small guy. I usually choose homeopathic stuff for him because there is less risk of bad side effects. I’ll have to give Zarbees a try!

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    Thanks for the review. I have a 40 pound almost four foot tall three year old it can’t always find cold medicine appropriate for his age that will be effective enough for his size. More natural medications are so much safer!

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    I always hated the gross fake-flavoured cough syrups when I was a kid! This looks like it would both taste and bee (ha ha) so much better for kids’ coughs!

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    It’s crazy how common it is for kids to not fit into the weight/age dosage for many meds. Most kids I know don’t – my family tends to have petite kids so instead of going based on their age I go based on their weight even though its a smaller dose. Even for more natural meds its a smart idea to ask their pediatrician for dosing advice just in case.

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