Kindle Fire HD is available at Staples today! #MHCgiftguide

I am a HUGE reader! When I first heard on Oprah’s favorite top 10 gift about the Kindle, I ran and ordered it! I ended up getting the first generation Kindle on the first day it came out and I loved it for many years. While I still love it, I was honored when Staples sent me the Kindle Fire HD for review. I was used to the older version Kindle, so I could not wait to try out the Kindle Fire. I was so unbelievably excited!Kindle Fire HD

Once I got the Kindle Fire outside the box, I simply turned it on and charged it. There is a little instruction manual that tells you where the power, charging, and volume buttons are, so you can’t get confused. Once it was on, I registered my Kindle through my Amazon Account. I already had a kindle with an amazon account, so I was able to set up my new kindle with no problem. All my old books from my prior Kindle, got automatically added to my new Kindle Fire HD.Kindle Fire HD

My initial thoughts once I set up the Kindle Fire HD, was how awesome the screen was! It was literally almost double the size of my old kindle. It features a large HD color touchscreen with a 9 inch high definition display with Dolby sound, as well as a fast multi-core processor for a fantastic HD experience. The colors on the Kindle Fire HD were beautiful and so vivid. Once it was on, I was able to navigate the toolbar on top of the Kindle, to see the books, movies, games, apps, search engine, and so much more. This kindle works by a simple swipe of your fingers. It is so user friendly!Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD has an incredible selection of over 22 million titles including the latest HD movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and more. I am a huge reader, so I automatically checked out the book selections and downloaded my first book. This is where I really saw the difference between the Kindle Fire HD and the first generation Kindle. With the Kindle Fire HD, to turn the page, I simply swiped my finger to the right, or just touched the screen. I thought that was so neat that I could simply tap the page, and it would automatically go to the next page. I LOVED this feature! It also told me what page I was on and my reading pace. I could search for just about any book or magazine, and it even gave me the option of ordering a audio version of the book. I think this feature will come in so handy on long car rides.Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is great for the whole family. It is easy to use the Kindle FreeTime that features parental controls to set screen time limits for your kids. It also has the fastest Wi-Fi and HDMI out of all the kindles. When I did a web search for my blog, my page instantly popped up.  It took no more than 3 seconds for the page to come up. I was seriously so impressed!

Kindle Fire HDThe Kindle Fire HD also offers unlimited storage and had a 16GB memory space. You can store just about anything on your kindle and your book library can be truly extensive. It works with the cloud so if you have a prior Amazon account, it will download, all your books and music associated with this account. The cloud automatically works once you set it up.  Lastly it has a HD camera for free Skype video calls, which allows you to connect with friends and family.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kindle Fire HD which is available at Staples today, both online and in the stores for $150! This would make a fantastic holiday gift for anyone in your life. I know we already bought this exact same Kindle for my father in law and can’t wait to give it to him on Christmas!


*Thanks to Staples for sending me a Kindle Fire HD for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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  1. says

    My husband had an original Kindle as well and he really liked it. With so many other tablets and phones in our home we just use the Kindle app, but I can see how if someone doesn’t yet have one why this would be a great purchase and really affordable for a tablet device as well!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Kindle Fire HD. I have not ever held any Kindle in my hands but have read ebooks on my tablet and phone with the Kindle app.

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I love how vibrant the screen is, the Fire is kind of a one stop entertainment device. It’s nice that it does other tasks too, but I’d really like to have it on hand for streaming and reading live content or publications!

  4. says

    I have been wanting a Kindle Fire HD for a long time. I actually don’t’ own any kind of e-reader. It seems to convenient to have all your books in one place.

  5. says

    How fun! I still get books from the library, but am starting to see the benefits to have something like the Kindle Fire to download books onto. I have used my Samsung Galaxy S4…but it is a bit tiny. lol The Fire really does look amazing.

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