Jakks Pacific for some great holiday and birthday gifts! #MHCgiftguide

Jakks Pacific has just about every brand of toys that my kids love. They sell all the wonderful brands including Cabbage Patch Kids, Disney Fairies, Disney Princesses, The Smurfs, Fisher Price, Hello Kitty, and so much more! They have something for everyone on your holiday, birthday, or everyday list for a great gift! JAKKS Pacific,. is a multi-brand company that, around since 1995,  that has been designing, developing, producing and marketing toys, leisure products and writing instruments for children and adults around the world. They are a truly ingenious company for both kids and parents alike.jakks_logo

This holiday season, Jakks Pacific sent us two toys for Hayley and Zane for review. For Hayley, she received the Ariel Princess Light Up Dress, which is sold now at Target. This dress features Ariel in a beautiful gown, but best of all, it lights up and sings to you! We brought this dress to Disney a few weeks ago and everyone, including the employees at Disney, were blown away by this dress! Hayley was able to shine and light up just like her favorite character Ariel in this gorgeous and sparkly dress! It features motion activated lights and a button you can press to hear, “Under the Sea.” Seriously, this dress took dress-up to a whole new level for Hayley!



She went around Disney pressing her button and showing how she lit up along the way. Everyone got a kick out of how the dress actually “sang.” It is battery operated so you simply have to change the battery pack, when it runs out. It is the most adorable dress I have seen and is available at Target for the reduced price of $29.99. It would make a great holiday or birthday gift to any Disney fan!

There is also a great app at iTunes, which can be used in conjunction with the Disney toys, to bring the toys to life. The app utilizes patented DreamPlay iD recognition technology to identify 2D images and 3D objects and interacts to with select Little Mermaid toys to enhance at-home play while also offering fun game play on its own. When the app is played with their select Little Mermaid toys, Ariel’s beautiful underwater world and iconic music from the film come to life! Children can explore Ariel’s grotto, paint and decorate fish under the sea, and create and play music.

Next Zane got the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 3 in 1 Playset. For any Daniel Tiger fan, this is the playset for you! If features a small version of the treehouse seen on Daniel Tiger Neighborhood and features a front yard, treehouse parts, and treehouse space station. There are so many ways to play in the Neighborhood with Daniel, Katerina, O the Owl and more on an adventure of a lifetime. Your kids will be able to take Daniel Tiger on a ride in the rocket elevator, give O a push on the swing, or help Katerina twirl around in her room to name a few. There are 13 additional play pieces to help inspire creativity and imagination! This set is awesome and is available at Toys ‘R Us for $39.99.



Happy Holidays!


* I received toys from Jakks Pacific for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*






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  1. jenna wood says

    I love jakks pacific, they have some great branded products for kids. That dres looks great for imaginative play. What girl doesnt want to be a princess?

  2. says

    My daughter has always loved mermaids. She would have played dress up for hours in this get-up!! I’m going to bookmark Jakks for the next time we need to grab some toys online.

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