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My kids are slightly obsessed with corn dogs! No lie, if I let them, Hayley and Zane would eat corn dogs morning, noon, and night. They might have become obsessed with corn dogs because their awesome mommy used to eat corn dogs like it was her job growing up.  We recently found out about a great new brand called Country Ribbon Corn Dogs, which we found in a 5 lb bag at Sam’s Club. I jumped on getting these corn dogs at Sam’s because the price could not be beat and it would allow me to serve corn dogs to be kids for a long time to come!#GetCorny #cbias #shop

#cbias #shopWhile I was shopping for the corn dogs, I asked myself if there was a way I could be creative in dressing up my Country Ribbon Corn Dogs for New Years! I really wanted to #GetCorny this New Year’s Eve. We were invited to a kids New Year’s Eve party and I was put in charge of bringing quick snacks for the kids. I thought since all kids love corn dogs, maybe I could find a way to dress them for our upcoming party. Then it hit me- I could dress up my corn dogs in their black tie finest to party this New Years.#GetCorny #cbias #shop

I gathered my necessary ingredients to make my #GetCorny Country Ribbon Corn Dogs and prepared to make them.

Ingredients:#GetCorny #cbias #shop

-(4-10) Country Ribbon Corn Dogs. You can make as many corn dogs as you need for your party.

-Wilton candy eyes

-white frosting


-New Year’s Eve confetti

-small New Year’s Eve hat


1. Cook Country Ribbon Corn Dogs either by microwaving them, frying them, or cooking them in the oven. All of the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs are individually packaged so simply unwrap as many as you like to use and cook according to the above choices. We choose to cook the corn dogs in the oven for approximately 20 minutes on 450 degrees F. Once done, I put the corn dogs on a styrofoam display, which I found at our local craft store.#GetCorny #cbias #shop

#GetCorny #cbias #shop2. I then added the face to the corn dogs. I added the Wilton candy eyes (found at a local craft store such as Michael’s) and used white frosting to adhere the eyes to the corn dog. You can also use a drop of ketchup to adhere the eye to the corn dog.#GetCorny #cbias #shop

3. Add the corn dog nose and lips. I choose to use a tube of white frosting after experimenting with using ketchup for the nose. Both work equally as well.

4. Put white frosting on the top of the corn dog to make a “party hat”. Add confetti to the frosting and set in place. I also added a little New Year’s Eve hat to dress up the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs even more.

5. Serve and Enjoy!

#GetCorny #cbias #shop

#GetCorny #cbias #shop

This is a wonderful appetizer to bring to any New Year’s party or even at your home, watching the ball drop on television with your immediate family. It is something the whole family would love and it will be the hit of your New Year’s! Oh…and it looks so cute but tastes even better! The Country Ribbon Corn Dogs are simply delicious!#GetCorny #cbias #shop

I also experimented with making a #GetCorny omelette for a great morning meal. It was very easy to put together and tastes fantastic!

Ingredients:#GetCorny #cbias #shop

-3 eggs

-1/2 cup white onion

-2 slices American cheese

-2 Country Ribbon Corn Dogs cut up in 1/4 inch pieces


1. Cut up Country Ribbon Corn Dogs into small 1/4 pieces. Also, cut a white onion into small pieces.

#GetCorny #cbias #shop2. Heat up eggs on high heat and prepare an omelette.

3. Add in pieces from #1 and cheese.

4. Cook and serve! Enjoy!#GetCorny #cbias #shop

My family absolutely LOVES the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs! It is a fan favorite in our household. They taste unbelievably good and because they are sold at a great price at Sam’s, you know you will have these corn dogs for quite some time. If you are interested in tasting the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs, they will be having demos on 1/3/2014 and 1/4/2104 so be sure to go to your local Sam’s Club. You can find more about Tyson Country Ribbon Corn Dogs on the Club Tyson Facebook and Twitter Page Today! Why not #GetCorny with Country Ribbon Corn Dogs this holiday season?

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    This is too much fun….though I’d have a hard time not eating my corny people while I worked. I love Country Ribbon corn dogs!

  2. says

    My kids love corn dogs too. What a great way to make them even more fun to eat! Such a great excuse to go to the sample tables at Sam’s too, which my kids always look forward to.

  3. says

    Those are cute ideas! I don’t know why but my kids aren’t fans of corn dogs,I think they are good! Their tastes have changed though so perhaps I should try them again.

  4. Ashley M says

    My toddler discovered corn dogs for the first time last year at the fair. She loves them, and I love how fun you made them.

  5. says

    I have to say, the corn dogs with the hats are pretty cute :) We actually have a box of the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs from Sam’s Club in our freezer right now (I LOVE shopping at Sam’s) and I might have to give your unique twist on an omelet a try. Sounds yummy!

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