Winterizing Your Car with AutoZone and a $50 AutoZone Gift Card Giveaway!

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I don’t know about you, but with the start of the winter season, one thing I always worry about is my car and making sure it is properly cared for before all the harsh weather hits.  Most busy mommies leave the DIY car projects to the men in their lives, but there are a surprising number of things women can do to “winterize” their vehicles for the colder months.992861_555064917873055_1091089123_a

In today’s economy, it’s becoming more and more common to do these projects at home, and partners like AutoZone can provide tips and tricks for ensuring car safety in the sometimes hazardous winter season, such as checking the battery, replacing wiper blades, checking tire pressure and more.  With the holidays coming up and many people travelling by car to visit family, I thought I share these tips from AutoZone providing tips for “winterizing” your car.

Driving in winter with AutoZone: simple precautions to keep your car running smoothly this winter season:


  • Battery power.  This is an ideal time of year to make sure your battery’s posts and connections are corrosion-free and that your battery has all the water it needs. The best news? AutoZone performs battery checks for free, so stop by to have a technician test its ability to hold a charge. No one wants to get caught in a blizzard with a dead battery!


  • Blades of hazard. Windshield wiper blades work effectively for one year at most, and should really be replaced every six months. Be sure to invest in new blades when yours are cracked, cut, torn, streaking or chattering. Also, ensure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is full of washer fluid, and do not try to refill with water as it freezes in cooler months. Look for de-icer washer fluid at AutoZone to help break through snow and ice.


  • Oil it up. Oil sometimes thickens as it gets colder, and can’t lubricate your engine properly if too cool. Check your owner’s manual for guidance on which oil to use in different climates and temperatures.


  • The pressure’s on. It’s very important to check your tire pressure when temperatures drop. Tires must be properly inflated to maintain good driving traction, which is sometimes jeopardized in snowy, icy or even just wet conditions. Check your owner’s manual for target tire pressure.


  • It’s all in the mix. Try to have a 50-50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) and water inside your radiator. This mix will help prevent freezing even in outrageously cold temperatures. You can check the mixture with an inexpensive antifreeze tester from AutoZone. When at home, make sure to dispose of the old antifreeze properly. Consult with local authorities, as many areas accept used fluids as part of recycling programs.


  • Do you have four-wheel drive? If so, now is a good time to ensure it’s working properly – especially since the cold climates are more likely to call for its use. Check to see that the system engages and disengages easily and that all drivers in your household know how and when to use it.


  • Wax on wax off. A waxing coat on your car can act as a deflector of snow and ice. It keeps the paint looking new and makes snow and ice easier to brush off.


  • In case of emergency. It’s always good to have an emergency kit readily available. Store your kit in the trunk during cooler months, especially if the season involves road trips for holiday travel. Your emergency kit may include:
  • a blanket
  • extra boots and gloves
  • an extra set of warm clothes
  • extra water and food, including hard candies
  • an ice scraper
  • a small shovel
  • a flashlight
  • flares
  • jumper cables
  • a tool kit
  • a tire gauge
  • a spare tire with air in it
  • tire-changing equipment
  • a first-aid kit
  • paper towels
  • a bag of abrasive material such as sand, salt or non-clumping kitty litter, which can provide additional traction if a tire gets stuck in snow.


Giveaway: One winner will win a $50 AutoZone gift card to use! This giveaway is quite simple- simply, leave me a comment telling me What is in your Winter Road Travel Kit? Please leave comment in comment section proceeding the post. For an additional +2 entry, tweet about this giveaway mentioning @dentistmel and @autozone. This can be done daily but please leave your link every time you post to twitter. Winner will be chosen by and will have 24 hours to respond. Giveaway ends 11-20. US only. Good luck!


*This is a partnered post. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*



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  1. jenn mccclearn says

    We keep a jump pack , flashlight,warm blanket, small air compressor,tire plugs, among other things my husband is Mr prepared. He also loves the zone :)

  2. Sacha Schroeder says

    We have flares, blankets, extra socks (not sure why … my husband put them there), fix a flat, a gas can, flashlights, etc.

  3. Linda Szymoniak says

    Most of what I have in my mini-van for winter is the same as I keep in it for summer – jumper cables, flashlight, reflective triangles, bungee cords, a gallon of water (in case my radiator gets low), a quart of oil, and a small tool kit. For winter I also like to keep a bag of generic cat litter – the clay type (not the scoopable) and a small shovel, in case I get stuck in ice or snow. I also keep a blanket or two in the van in winter (when I am transporting rescue dogs or have my own dogs with, I typically throw in a few extra blankets – the dogs can lay on them for the trip, and should we break down, we can snuggle under the blankets together to keep warm while waiting for help). We’ve had a membership to an auto club for decades now, and I always have the AAA card with me (and have their general number programmed into my cell phone).

  4. Amy Honious says

    we always try to keep an ice scraper, a blanket, some bottled water and granola bars, extra hats and gloves, a snow shovel and a bag of kitty litter. thanks for such a great giveaway!

  5. Sarah Fischer says

    We have an emergency car kit with a blanket, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, matches & candle, first aid kit, scraper & shovel, air gauge, and spare tire. I also have one of the tools that can cut seatbelts and break glass on my keychain.

  6. lisagee1234 says

    I hope I am able to get a vehicle soon. Been without for a year now. This would be gifted to a relative that has to commute a ways to work. Thanks.

  7. linda w. says

    I have a car emergency kit that i won last year -gloves, bungees, jumper cables etc. I’m also going to put blankets, gloves, hats in the car too- i could always use them at the hockey rink too.

  8. Kim Henrichs says

    A flashlight, kitty litter for snow, an ice scraper, blankets, candles, and i keep an extra blackberry battery in my glove box.

  9. D SCHMIDT says

    We keep blankets, matches, snacks, water, flash lights and batteries in our kit. Honestly I have just realized its really lacking!

  10. Susan Christy says

    I don’t wear a coat but I keep one in my car. Along with gloves, ice scraper, my AAA card and my cell phone is almost always fully charged.

  11. Tina W says

    Here in Southern California a sweatshirt is probably all I need but I still keep food and water, dry socks and a roll of TP in the car.

  12. Melissa Hartley says

    The only thing my son has in a safety kit is a tire gauge..he could really use some jumper cables, among other things .. thank you!

  13. TawndaM says

    Well, a win earlier this year has made a huge difference in our car emergency kit… We now have a super tire change kit, and, since Momma is ALWaYS cold… there is usually a blanket or 4, jumper cables & we normally store rock salt in the vehicle because there really isn’t any better place & it’s there just in case

  14. Carl L Smith Jr says

    We don’t really have a Winter Travel Kit. We have a spare tire and a few gallons of water. I wish we did have the supplies needed for an emergency on the road because we live in New Orleans and evacuate for storms at least once a year.

  15. Ann Fantom says

    I have lock de-icer, washer fluid, flashlight, flares, inflate-a-flat and jumper cables in my winter driving kit.

  16. Katie Roch says

    In my Winter Road Travel Kit is a blanket, extra outerwear (gloves, hats, etc.), a flashlight, icescraper, granola bars, and a first aid kit.

  17. melinda says

    im lucky if I have my jumper cables still in my truck!! I have sons!!and they think borrowing from mom means not having to return anything

  18. Jessica Lodge says

    In my Winter Road kit is jumper cables, chains, kitty litter, first aid kit, blanket, flares, & a flash light.

  19. April Yedinak says

    My winter travel kit has chains, a blanket, a jump start kit, flashlight, windshield scraper and a first aid kit.

  20. Dawn Monroe says

    Not much and I dont know if you could call it a kit. In my trunk I have jumper cables, a blanket and a can of fix a flat.

  21. Catarina says

    We definitely could use some help in this department- we only have an ice scraper, spare tire, and jumper cables.

  22. Carolsue says

    Not sure what is in our “kit,” but my husband is very conscientious about this type of thing, so I’m sure we have everything we need.

  23. Amber Rist says

    My winter road kit includes one of those store bought kits with jumpers and what not, extra oil, and of course my phone to call my husband (if we get service)

  24. Christy Colln says

    We have chains and blankets and waters…pretty lame so far but we haven’t needed a winter road trip until this winter :)

  25. clynsg says

    Winters are generally mild here, so my kit is fairly small–kitty litter (we do get ice at times), blankets, jumper cables, flashlight.

  26. marian boll says

    We live in the mountain states so we make sure our tires are all safe, that our spare is ready as well. We have a 4×4 but in the higher mountains above treeline we make sure we also have chains.

    We never NEVER let the auto get below half in fuel, have bottles of water, protein bars, and blankets for each person. That our GSP is on and correct, that we have a cell phone.

    And that if we are going for a longer time, that we let someone know where we are and where we are going and what time to expect us.

  27. Debra S says

    Oh yes, it is NO joke up north to have something for emergencies in your car! My husband travels to the dakotas in winter and I be sure he has his snowmobile suit, the sorrel boots, extra gloves and mittens and the blanket.

  28. Deborah Colucci says

    I know we have a jack and a spare tire .. We also have a 2000 truck so we really could use some help … Thanks

  29. Samantha D. says

    Blankets, flashlights, kitty litter, extra socks, gloves, hat, matches, WD40, scrapper… I need to get some more stuff ready for winter

  30. Sheila A. says

    I always keep:
    jumper cables
    flash light
    and small back of kitty litter-helps with traction if get stuck in snow!

  31. jon caudle says

    things like jumper cables and tools and ice scrapers are always in the vehicles we add in blankets and make sure everyone is dressed with winter wear if we are driving during the winter

  32. Sherrie C. says

    I have a thermal blanket, water, jumper cables, tools, flashlight, and first aid kit in my Winter road travel kit so far.


  33. Karen Rennirt says

    My mother made all my girls a kit for their cars. Scraper, tools, flashlight, emergency blanket, jumper cables, umbrella, first aid kit, duct tape, bungee cords, extra car fuses and a portable phone charger.

  34. Vanessa says

    I live in Florida so winter roads are alot like summer roads but I do keep jumper cables, extra oil, and coolant in my trunk.

  35. 1955nurse says

    I have a flashlight, bottled water, kitty litter, fix-a-flat, windshield washer fluid, a tarp, bungie cords & a blanket.((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Sadly, no more entries for me – no Twitter!!! Thanks for the chance….

  36. AndreaH says

    Uh, well, we don’t really have a complete winter kit. We have a blanket, paper towels, ice scraper, and spare tire. We have a jack but it isn’t in the car right now.

  37. Tara F. says

    Let’s see… Spare Tire, Flashlight, blanket, spark plugs.. I think that is it.

    Thanks for the chance

    Tara F.
    davidandtara (at)

  38. Christine M Hosie says

    with one vehicle for a large family and the one that works having continual issues , and no we are not ready for winter and winning 50$ toward getting ready would be very nice.

  39. Nadine L says

    I have my jack, tools, oil, trans fluid, antifreeze (that reminds me I need to add a bottle, almost gone) windshield washer fluid, my ice scraper, a jump pack and my ice delocker (not sure what that is called) and a blanket as well as extra gloves.

  40. says

    I live in MN, so a winter emergency kit is a must. I carry warm clothes and blankets, granola bars, water, a flashlight and extra batteries, and even a couple travel games to occupy the kids if we have a long wait!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  41. Samantha L. says

    My winter emergency kit contains a jump pack with air compressor and flashlight, a blanket, water bottles, sneakers, sweatshirt, and other clothing items. I live in Maine, but my daily commute is 3 miles, so I only beef up my emergency kit for roadtrips.

  42. Jill Myrick says

    Our winter travel kit contains jumper cables, blankets, bottled water, non perishable food bars and a small tool kit.


  43. Amy Tolley says

    cat litter flaslights extra clothes blankets snacks oil ice scraper tire iron air pump sand flares emergency numbers water thanks for this cjnce

  44. Kellie Christensen says

    I need to get my oil changed and my windshield wipers changed. Plus it would be really good to have some emergency supplies in my car.

  45. michelle jonassen says

    My emergency kit would not do much good in an emergency. I have a spare tire, jack, and blanket. Should definitely improve this.

  46. Laurie Emerson says

    I have some flares, blanket, water, granola bars, solar powered charge, flashlight, batteries and a survival book.

  47. says

    Our winter road kit includes a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, ice scraper, rags,and sandbag. We already keep a first-aid kit in the glove box and tire tools separately.

  48. Pauline M says

    I have a really basic auto emergency kit in my car. It has
    •Insulated jumper cables
    •Flat head screwdriver
    •Phillips head screwdriver
    •Tire pressure gauge
    •10-piece nut driver set
    •Slip joint pliers
    •Cloth work gloves
    •Electrical tape
    •12 assorted electric terminals and fuses

  49. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our winter road travel kit has a small folding shovel, a bucket of sand, blankets, windshield ice scraper, jumper cables, tow rope, flares, work gloves, and a flashlight.

  50. susan smoaks says

    We live in Florida so we aren’t driving in snow or on ice. But we have a wool blanket and water in our Winter Road Travel Kit just in case we need it.

  51. Greeneyezmpa says

    I live and drive in a small city, mostly back and forth to work. Winters aren’t too harsh here, but businesses close down if the roads are too bad. I keep a blanket, ice scraper, flashlight, tire gauge, paper towels and window washer fluid. I’ll have to beef up my supplies.

  52. says

    Right now, I just have a blanket. I usually keep, a blanket, gallon of water, kitty liter, and a couple hand warmers(they work great to defrost a window if your blower goes out).

  53. Debra Sauvageau says

    my kit needs have water for radiator,blankets, jumper cables,ice scraper and duct fixes everything lol

  54. wen budro says

    I have extra coats, hats, gloves, socks, food, water, and most of what’s on your list. I didn’t think about cat litter….I should get some for my kit.

  55. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I try to keep a change of clothes for each kid,flashlights,tools,jumper cables,tire iron,jack,flares,ect in my van at all times.Thanks!

  56. Rebecca w says

    2 blanket, gloves, extra clothes for both girls, an ice scraper, a flashlight, jumper cables tool kit and a tire gauge

  57. Debbie Bolen says

    I have extra wiper blades, jumper cables, flashlight, bungie cords, blanket, gloves, hat, boots, scarf, ice scraper, first aid kit, paper towels, ice off, flares, reflective triangles, I think that’s all.

  58. ellen casper says

    I have:
    jumper cables
    a tool kit
    a tire gauge
    a spare tire with air in it
    tire-changing equipment
    paper towels

  59. Donna Pyszk