Interview with Family Finance Expert Mike Maloney!

Author of the all-time best-selling precious metals investment book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver, Mike Maloney is an expert financial advisor and a popular speaker at prestigious investment seminars all over the world. To help consumers during today’s challenging economic climate, Mike has introduced the free educational video series, “The Hidden Secrets of Money.”

“The Hidden Secrets of Money” looks back at economic upheavals that have taken place throughout history, and – using insights learned from these events – offers helpful information on what the average person can do today to prepare for economic uncertainties that lie ahead. I had the chance to interview Mike Maloney on the state of our economic upbringings, his thoughts, and what could be done!

Mike Maloney wrote the best selling Rich Guys Investing in Gold and Silver, as well as a video series, The Hidden Secrets of Money. Mike suggests not thinking short term for economic welfare but rather long term. Right now, we need to get a foundation for monetary history and simple economics. When you see how these things come together, it guides you for the economic storm ahead.

The entire economy has been in the eye of the hurricane for quite some time. But if you become financially educated with how well things repeat and economics, you can turn the crisis into the greatest investment in history. He believes the people who do not understand economics will survive these days. Wealth is going to be transferred from one group (the many) to the few, who will be educated about money. It is important to become financially literate.

Mike Maloney believes in the value of gold and silver. It is the only currency that you can not print and make wealth on! Silver and gold are very undervalued at this point. Silver and Gold value will continue to increase its value and decrease debt. The only winners of economic recession are gold and silver.

The Hidden Secrets of Money teaches monetary history and simple economics, so people can see what happens in the past and give a compass for economic storms in the future. Their mission is maximum prosperity that can only be achieved through sound money, individual freedom, and  free markets. To learn more about Mike Maloney, be sure to visit his economic sites today!









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