I am a #Pledge Ambassador!

**“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pledge. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.”**


When my husband and I went house hunting, I had one big request- I needed a house with hard wood flooring! While I was a big fan of our old townhouse, it had not one ounce of hardwood floors. It was all carpet and I really hated it! Well, not only did I find my dream house but it has hard wood flooring in almost every section of the house except for the bedrooms. I realized quickly though that hardwoods get dirty (especially with two small kids who refuse to take off their shoes) and I was on the mad hunt to find the perfect hardwood cleaning products. My friend recommended Pledge, and I never turned back! We use Pledge almost everyday! This is why I am honored that I am a Pledge Ambassador, so I can show all of you how great a job Pledge does in making your hardwood flooring sparkle!  I will be tracking my ‘before and after’ experience using the Pledge FloorCare Wood line of products as a Pledge ambassador. Come follow me along on this journey!Pledge

I figured it is best to show you some before pictures before I even start:


As noted above, most of my house is covered with hardwood. While I like to think my wood floors are in great condition, the reality is, they have seen better days. They have been in my house long past the old owners, so I would say around 12 years. With Hayley and Zane playing constantly on the hardwoods, nicks, stains, and lack of luster have begun to show on our wood flooring. I will still say that some of areas still shine, but the scuffs and nicks have really begun to show! This is why I am so excited to take the Pledge challenge and see the after result of using the Pledge products on my hardwood flooring.DSC05133

Having a clean and shiny floor is very important to me! I host a lot of events at my house such as our monthly book club and girls night, and I hate when my floors show dirt and dullness. One of the first things anyone notices when they enter someone’s house if flooring. I know it is one of the first aspects of the house I notice. I may be a little obsessive but whenever I host anyone at my house, I make sure to scrub down my house including all my floors. Actually, just today, I used the wonderful Pledge product on my floors because we hosted Football Sunday at my house! The Patriot gatherings are a big event at my house, and the floors always need to be clean.

Here are some of the wonderful Pledge products I will be using on my floor during the next month!

Pledge® FloorCare Wood Concentrated Cleaner gently removes dirt and grime while restoring floor’s natural shine. It’s made with almond oil to moisturize wood and restore its natural beauty, and it leaves a fresh scent behind. The concentrated formula makes up to 16 gallons of cleaning solution.

Pledge® FloorCare Wood Trigger is a ready-to-use formula designed specifically for spot cleaning. Its advanced formula cleans, shines, restores and protects—with no dulling, oily residue—leaving a fresh citrus scent behind. •

Pledge® FloorCare Wood Squirt and Mop is a ready to use formula requiring no dilution before use. Its advanced formula removing dirt and grime that builds up over time to maintain a floor’s natural finish with no dull residue. It reveals wood’s natural beauty and leaves a fresh citrus scent behind. Also available in gallon size.

Pledge® FloorCare Wood Finish goes beyond what you get from other floor cleaning products—this premium finish provides a beautiful, transparent, long-lasting shine and stands up to the wear of heavy traffic without yellowing. It can protect hardwood floors and help prevent dirt from getting trapped in floor grooves and indentations, making cleaning much easier.

Be sure to check back next month  as I continue the  Pledge-to-Pledge Challenge by using the Pledge FloorCare Wood products throughout my house! Stay tuned…



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  1. Jenna Wood says

    I love pledge, I use it on our dining room table every day, but I’ve never even considered their floorcare line. I’ll have to keep an eye out!

  2. says

    I love Pledge products. We use them to clean our cabinet fronts and furniture. I clipped a coupon for the floor care products, planning to pick that up next time I’m at the store!

  3. says

    I’ve used Pledge my whole life; my Mom always had a can of it going. They just recently ripped up their carpeting and re-did the hardwood floors underneath, so I’m going to have to ask her if she knows about their FloorCare line. I know she’d love to use a product from a company she trusts!


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