Making your Own Wipes!

As a first time mother, you have to juggle your baby’s health and well being with balancing the budget. One of the ways that you can provide care for your infant and also save money is by making your own wipes.

Making wipes is a simple task that will keep your balance in the black and keep your baby fresh and clean. According to Wellness Mama, homemade wipes can save you as much as $200 a year. The components are inexpensive, and you can customize the recipe for your baby’s needs.

Basic Components

The first thing that you need is a roll of heavy duty paper towels. In this case, you will want to spend the extra money on higher quality paper towels. Cheap ones do not have the necessary strength to help you keep your baby clean, and they will shred like wet tissues. When it comes to  baby wipes, you don’t want something that’s going to disintegrate on use.

You will also need an old wipe container or an airtight plastic container. If it’s a used container, be sure to wash it out thoroughly. “Homemade Baby Wipes” recommends using empty one gallon ice cream buckets or coffee containers as long as they are sterilized first.

You should then prepare the solution to turn the towels into wipes. Boil 1 3/4 cups of water and cool it. Add one tablespoon of aloe vera, but make sure that it’s pure. Then add another tablespoon of pure witch hazel. Finally, add two tablespoons of liquid Castille soap.

Place the paper towels in the container. If you need to cut the paper towels, then cut them before you place them in the box. The simplest method is to take a butcher knife and cut straight down the middle. Then pour the mixed wet ingredients over the top. Don’t worry if they aren’t completely covered. Once you seal the container, the paper towels will absorb the liquids.

Customize to Your Baby’s Needs

One of the great things about making your own wipes is the fact that you can make the wipes perfect for your baby. The aloe vera and the witch hazel will both cleanse and nourish the skin while the soap removes bacteria. Ten drops of grapefruit or orange extract can help to make the smell go away. If you use organic extract, you don’t have to worry about it irritating the baby’s skin. But be very cautious about using essential oils. Some of these essential oils can cause problems, so you will only want to use brands that are massage grade or higher. Do not use the ones that are intended only for candle or potpourri fragrance.

If your baby struggles with dry skin, then add a tablespoon of olive or almond oil. Both of these help to increase the moisture and keep the skin from cracking without creating a bacteria trap. Jojoba oil can also be used. For babies with particularly dry, cracked skin, two capsules of vitamin E may be a good addition as well.


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  1. Melanie says

    Honestly, you don’t even need the additives. Baby’s skin is more sensitive than mine, and doesn’t have all of the protective layers in place yet. Imagine how uncomfortable we’d be if we applied soap solution every time we peed! All baby needs for wiping is water, that’s it!

  2. says

    I have never used paper towels as cloth wipes but I have made my own cloth wipes which definitely helps the pocketbook! I use a bit of tea tree oil and a bit of diluted Dr. Bronners solution and cloth wipes.

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