Introducing Uneekee-Consumers Print on Demand for Home Decor and Fashion Accessories!

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Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.13.28 AMI recently came across a very cool site called - it offers customers the ability to pick different art, prints and patterns and order them to be printed on different home decor items such as bedding, shower curtains, pillows, bath towels and bath mats.  The curated collection of art and design ranges from cool graphic designs by some california artists jorey hurley and catalina garreton, to prints and patterns that are classic designs with a modern twist, like the black and teal quatrefoil or the teal lattice.  The prices seem a little higher than what you might find at a department store, but each item is printed on demand, with your exact colors and patterns.  Delivery is usually within a week!

The coolest feature for me though was in the pattern area – you can click on customizable and a pattern tool comes up that lets you choose the pattern, then size the pattern (think two pillows with polka dots – one with tiny polka dots and one with reverse color bigger dots!) and then pick the exact colors!  So you can mix and match to your own decor.  Find the tool here and start playing -


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.15.32 AM

After speaking with the owner, Kara Parsons, who has spent several years working at and remodeling houses, I learned a little more – Parsons wants to offer a way to bring custom interior design to everyday shoppers.  She wants to democratize interior decorating and be able to offer custom home decor to moms with an eye for style.   She suggests that to start out, work in the bathroom!  The easiest way to remodel a bathroom in a day is to scrub clean all the tile, put in a splashy new shower curtain, some bright towels and a clean new bath mat.  Customers love the blue wave pattern and the lotus pods.Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.13.23 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.13.11 AMAnother place to express your own individuality is at your table – choose from placemats, tablecloths, runners, napkins and beautiful glass cutting boards that can double as serveware. (and glass cutting boards don’t harbor the icky stuff that wood and plastic do!) and for moms –  the best part of all is that everything is machine washable and won’t fade or peel as you use it.  All her goods are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Don’t forget to check out the beanie ski caps and the flip flops – simple items that make great gifts!
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    This is incredible. Bringing more individualized interior decorating to more people is an incredible feat. I like the options and will definitely be adding Uneekee to my list of providers for the changes I am trying to make in my home over the fall and winter. I love what these kind of businesses are doing for people like me who can’t really afford an interior decorator but do want to add something more professional to our homes.

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