Feeling Fabulous After Pregnancy

It’s no secret that any mom might feel a bit deflated after giving birth – in more ways than one! There seems to be so much pressure these days around women getting back to their pre-pregnancy shape soon after given birth. Celebs do it all the time – so why can’t we?

Well, because we don’t have a team of baby-sitters and personal trainers to help us shed the baby weight. Plus, we’ve got for too much to do to worry about going to the gym, and that’s true from the first month to the first year and beyond after the little one is born.

There shouldn’t be any pressure to lose weight after you’ve given birth, but there’s no need for you to not feel good about the way you look.

So how can you beat those post-birth blues?

Getting into a routine

When we’re looking after a baby, there’s nowhere near the same amount of time you had before to spend to yourself. That said, just 10 minutes every morning and night to yourself can make a big difference.

Use this time to moisturise, cleanse and tone – and if you can, perhaps do some gentle exercises.

The finer things

If you’ve been following the story of the UK Royals’ pregnancy this year, you’ll know that after Kate Middleton gave birth, many people didn’t understand why Kate still had a baby bump. While it ought to be the most obvious thing, some people assume that that bump is going to disappear right away – well, it won’t.

It depends on the woman, but you’ll probably already love your bump by the time there’s a new addition to the world. Still, because it’s going to be around for a while, nursing maternity wear is a must.

If there’s that special occasion coming up, there’s no reason why you can’t splash out on something special and stylish.



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Book a spa day with the girls, treat yourself to a bit of chocolate – your body has gone through a lot, and now it’s time to reward it!


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