Be Sure to Get Your Adult Immunizations/Vaccines at Walgreens Today! #GiveAShot #cbias

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As a young and naive dental student, I remember receiving the vaccination sheets that I needed to complete to properly be enrolled in dental school.  I remember going through the long process of finding a doctor and trying to find all my vaccinations I had prior to the start of school. It was a real pain to make sure I was properly vaccinated and I was always wondering the necessity of it all. I also did not truly understand how important getting my vaccinations was, until I had Hayley and Zane. I found out so much about vaccines in order to make sure they were getting the proper immunizations through their early lives. However, it was not until I was had my children, that  I realized how important it is for me to get my necessary immunizations, as well. While they were all set with their vaccinations, I had no idea if I was! I was in dire need to get my vaccinations, especially since my husband and I were planning to travel overseas to Thailand this past summer. Thankfully though we found out that our local Walgreens has made it virtually seamless for us to get our necessary travel immunizations and boosters!

#GiveAShot #cbias

As a mom, it is absolutely essential to keep up with our vaccinations. What good are we to our children if we end up getting a horrible disease that could have easily been prevented by a simple vaccine. Vaccines are there to protect us and keep us healthy, while avoiding diseases such as Hepatitis, Shingles, Dipheria, Pertussis, and more!

#GiveAShot #shopBesides keeping us healthy, travel immunizations are absolutely essential when traveling abroad. Without proper immunizations, you might be missing out on that once in a life trip with your husband and friend. If you do your research before you will see that many immunizations and boosters are highly suggested before traveling abroad. My husband and I did our research before going to Thailand, and while I was pretty much up-to-date with my immunizations (barring a booster shot), he had a lot of vaccines to get before our travels.

#GiveAShot #shop

He and I headed to our local Walgreens where they make getting immunizations so easy and quick. We simply went up to the pharmacy section and there was a knowledgeable pharmacist who had us look at the adult immunization assessment form to see what we needed. Since we did our research, we knew exactly what we both needed and simply checked if off on the sheet.

#GiveAShot #shop

I LOVED getting the vaccinations at Walgreens as it was so convenient! Seriously, there was nothing I had to do but fill out the assessment form and wait in the room to get my shots! It was a private room so no one saw when you were getting your vaccines or what you were getting it for.

#GiveAShot #shop

All of the  vaccinations including the Flu vaccine, Hpc vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine, Shingles vaccine, and more were available at Walgreens without a prescription. With my husband and I having two small kids, time is of the essence. We were able to get our shots and get in and out, in no time at all. It was so easy, quick, and affordable to get our vaccinations. Believe me when I tell you, if you are looking to get your vaccinations, Walgreens is the place to do it. I had such a fabulous experience there with knowledgeable pharmacists and a convenient way to get my vaccines done in a timely fashion! To see more about Walgreens and their vaccinations, be sure to visit my Walgreens Google Plus album!

#GiveAShot #shop

In addition to being confident you are protected against various diseases by getting your vaccinations done at Walgreens, you also will be helping other children in developing countries get their shots! This year, Walgreens has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign. Now until October 14, 2013,  for every person who receives a flu shot or immunization at Walgreens, they will help supply a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country! This campaign is called “Get A Shot..Give A Shot” and I hope you all will participate in helping children with their vaccines, that they might not otherwise have received. Together with all of our help, this partnership will provide up to three million vaccines for life threatening diseases like measles and polio.

Simply by getting your vaccinations, you are giving a child a shot at life!

#GiveAShot #shop

For me, by getting my vaccinations, I am giving a child a shot at a better education. So, I ask all of you to keep up to date with health and make sure to get your immunizations at Walgreens! It is so easy and convenient to stay healthy by getting your vaccines at Walgreens, and in the process you are helping with the Shot of Life Campaign. A true win-win for all of us!

#GiveAShot #cbiasTo learn more about vaccinations and The Shot of Life Campaign, follow Walgreens on Twitter and Facebook today!



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    This is a great idea especially when traveling. My father had to come home from Africa one time unexpected because he contacted a light case of malaria.

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    This is so convenient and easy to do and it is much better than making an appointment at the office. Plus I love that you are also giving back when you are getting your shots.

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