Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

*Hi everyone! Melissa is currently on vacation so I am guest posting my Saturday Top Five Laughs. I am Candice from the New Modern Momma. Please leave any laughs in the comments, as there will be no link up until Melissa gets back. She would love to read your laughs though when she gets back so leave any in the comments:)*


Candice’s Top Five Laughs:

1. G’s new way to start conversations the other day was, “first, one problem” and them she would continue with, “we make a puzzle, we color…” I have no idea where she gets her little sayings from, but it’s hysterical and she is having a vocabulary explosion!
2. Every time I tell her to put her shoes on because we need to go to the store she asks if we are going to Target. Do we go there that often? I think she loves that store as much as the rest of us. :)
3. Bedtime isn’t easy some nights. Okay, most nights, mostly because G won’t nap anymore and is completely overtired. Well, now that TJ and I have a new, bigger bed she sometimes gets in between us in the middle of the night and neither of us even realize it. Sneaky nugget.
4. G sees the school buses drive by our house now that school is back in session here. She told me that she wants to go on the bus when she gets bigger. She grabs her back pack and little crayon box and tells me she is ready to go on the school bus. Don’t worry G, we are pretty excited for you to go to school too, but there is no rush to grow up! Trust me!
5. Val is getting bigger every day. It’s just crazy how fast a baby grows right before your eyes. She is cooing and smiling up a storm now and it just is the swee
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    Hi Candice – I love #1 and #4. My eldest has wanted to take the bus forever – and she finally starts next week when she starts school full-time. It comes fast enough. But too cute with her little back pack. As for funny sayings – my daughter picks them up from me too and throws them in even if they don’t make sense from time to time. I love it.

    I did my own post for this anyway. It’s here:

    Have a great week!

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