I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

 * I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

As most of you know, I am very committed to living a healthy lifestyle. 5 years back, I was a spin instructor and when I moved and had children, I did not have the time to teach the classes that I loved. I then turned to the sport that I was very involved with as a child: tennis! I now play tennis 3-4 times a week in various leagues and have also started to run. Just this year, I completed 4 different 5K races and am currently training for a 10K. While this is all good and well, I will tell you that one thing you must have when you participate in any sort of physical activity is a good pair of sneakers. One of the brands of sneakers that I love and have worn for years now is Reebok.DSC02995 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

Since the summer is almost over, I must do my bi-yearly trip to purchase some good sneakers. We have a Famous Footwear about 5 miles from my house and know they have a great assortment of Reebok sneakers for me to choose from. I have been going to Famous Footwear for years now and have always found exceptional brands, like Reebok, at fantastic prices. Also, if you are going Back-to-School shopping, now is the time to go as they have their Bogo sale going on- buy one pair of shoes and get the other shoe (equal or lesser price) at half off! You do not want to miss this great deal at Famous Footwear!

When I headed to Famous Footwear, I was on the search to find a fun, functional, and comfortable sneaker. I am a pink girl all the way, so I was looking to add some color into my sneaker. I have so many plain white sneakers, so I wanted to jazz it up for the fall season.DSC02993 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

I was immediately drawn to all the great styles of Reebok sneakers they had. Having had Reebok shoes for years now, I know that Reebok is a brand that will last, even through the most intense workouts. I have never had a problem with sizing on Reeboks, as they run true to your size. They also have functional features that allow comfort and breathing room for your feet. I am a #ReebokMom all the way!

DSC03000 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

DSC02998 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

The varieties of Reebok shoes at Famous Footwear was plentiful. They also have a great selection online if you do not happen to see your perfect pair in the store. At my Famous Footwear, they had many great styles including the popular Reebok Smoothflex. I decided after trying on several pair of Reebok sneakers, I was going to buy the Women’s Zig Kick in pink! The shoe looked so fashionable and I love the overlook feel of the shoe, once I tried it on.DSC02996 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

Since I knew Reebok ran true to size, I immediately told the salesperson I needed a size 7. Once it was on, I knew this sneaker was for me. It felt so comfortable on! I have a slighter wider foot and I had no problem getting my foot into this sneaker! I loved the mesh and synthetic upper, and how it was very breathable. The shoe was extremely lightweight, which helps when you are going for that big run.DSC03068 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

They also provide me with the support that I need when I am running or playing tennis. I no longer have to worry about my feet hurting after a strenuous workout due to my shoes not fitting right. These shoes fit my feet to a T and provide ultimate support, as well as comfort. I also love the fact that these shoes feature the ZigTech cushioning technology for shock absorption.

DSC03069 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks! Once I was done deciding what shoe I wanted, I headed over to the girl department to see if I could get Hayley some Reebok sneakers. Unfortunately the particular shoe I wanted started at size 13, which was bigger than her shoe size now. In another year though, Hayley will also be rocking Reebok sneakers.DSC03003 1024x768 I am definitely a #ReebokMom with my new kicks!

With Back-to-School season starting, it is nice to spend some time on me and get back into shape. Now I am ready with my new Reebok sneakers! Be sure to check out Famous Footwear today for their great selections of affordable, functional, and fashionable Reebok sneakers! Happy Shopping!



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  1. says

    Those are cute and look super comfy. I haven’t given Reeboks a try in a while, so I will have to try a pair on next time I go shoe shopping.

  2. says

    Those are some CUTE shoes. I like the pink and grey pair. I was trying to find some at my local stores but only was able to find cute Reeboks for men.

  3. daisy says

    Those are cute shoes. I love the fun colors and the low prices. I need to make a fun to Famous Footwear to check this out!

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