Hastens- Have a Nightcap!

Oh as a blogger- sleep is a thing of the past!! Seriously, my sleep schedule is all over the place! Sometimes I do my best work, when everyone is sound asleep!

However, everyone is entitled to a good night sleep and should get one!  Hastens is a company that makes that happen with their diverse sleep products to make getting your ZZ’s easy! A Hasten Luxury Bed provides the perfect recipe for a good night sleep.

So what is a Hasten bed?


**A unique blend of the finest all natural ingredients to create a bed for the best night’s rest. At Hästens, our sleep recipe is simple: take one part breathable, luxury horsehair, add one part premium cotton, a dash of the finest hypoallergenic wool, a layer of the softest flax, and lay it down on a frame of sustainable Swedish pine. Blend by hand using centuries’ old, master craft techniques and you’ll get a bed that delivers deep, unbroken, restorative sleep.


It’s no secret what goes into a Hästens luxury bed—it’s only the best nature has to offer. Drawing on over 160 years of experience creating custom, handmade beds in their original Köping, Sweden factory, the company’s had plenty of time to perfect their signature creation. By layering soft, naturally ventilating materials over a one-of-a-kind individual spring pocket coil system, a Hästens’ bed allows you to feel both weightlessly cushioned and firmly supported.

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The “ingredients” for a Hästens bed include:


  • Horsehair: An essential component of the stuffing material that goes into each Hästens bed, ultra-soft horsehair helps make you feel as though you’re sleeping on air. Each strand of horsehair acts like a mini-ventilation system, eliminating moisture and allowing fresh air in for a comfortable night’s rest. Hästens’ horsehair is hypoallergenic and has been tested by several independent European research institutions to confirm that it is completely free of allergens.
  • Flax: The finest flax available enhances your comfort at night, due to its durability, flexibility and ability to divert static electricity.
  • Pine: The Hästens team carefully selects the highest quality pine from the forests of northern Sweden, which is used to build a frame that is unparalleled in its strength and stability.
  • Wool/Cotton: The combination of pure wool and cotton ensure your Hästens bed is always at the ideal temperature, acting as its own personal climate control unit, wicking away perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable all night long.


Feel cool, fresh, and comfortable all night long, while giving your joints and spine a much needed break. That’s the cherry on top of this luxurious good night sleep treat.  


About Hästens: Celebrating 160 years of exquisite craftsmanship and design, Hästens is Sweden’s oldest, most revered manufacturer of beds and mattresses. Recognizing the company’s implicit association with “quality products and good sleep,” Hästens received the prestigious, Nordic Signum prize in 2013 for best long term branding. Each bed is handcrafted in the Hästens factory in Köping, Sweden by expert artisans, meticulously assembled using all-natural materials including horsehair, cotton, flax, wool and Swedish pine. Hästens beds allow for ventilation, creating the ideal temperature and perfect environment for a restful night’s sleep. Since 1952, Hästens has been the exclusive supplier of beds and mattresses to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.***


Am I all ready for a good night sleep now!!




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