Be sure to have charge on your cell phone with the GearPower by IOGEAR

I am very excited because Blogher13 is in two short weeks. I remember how amazing of a time I had last year, but I also remember tweeting and texting most of the four days I was there. I always ran out of battery life in my iPhone and I was stuck! I had to go back to my room at the end of the day and spend an hour just charging it! Not fun at all!!

Thankfully, this year, I am all equipped with the GearPower mobile charging unit. I can now charge my phone on the go, anytime I want. The GearPower 2400 mAH Mobile Power Station is a portable power unit for your smartphone or USB device. The device we received was the GearPower GMP2K, which is smaller than a deck of cards and will charge most smartphones or portable media players to full capacity with power to spare.


To make your batter power come to life again, simply connect your phone to a USB output with your device’s cable or use the included cable to charge the Micro-USB device. If you need to recharge the 2400mAh Mobile Power Station, you simply connect to any USB port or USB wall charger.

What I love about this power unit, is I could fit it in my pocketbook wherever I go- it is sleek and compact! The GMP2K offers fuel for a quick recharge when wall outlets or car ports are not available. I know this could be useful for so many of us, who are constantly running out of batteries on the go. This device will save you from having no more juice in your phone!

GearPower also has several other wonderful products on the market including the GearPower 7K, that will fast-charge an iPad or, with its two USB ports, simultaneously charging most smartphones, MP3 Players,  and digital cameras.

The worst feeling is losing cell phone battery life on the go! I have had it happen so much in the past and it always is such a drag! Especially in emergency situations, you want to make sure you always have battery life power. The GearPower will do just this for you!

IOGEAR provides consumers a full spectrum of mobile charging options to meet your power needs.

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*I received the above product for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by an outside source.


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  1. says

    Seeing this is so timely for me! We are getting ready to go to San Diego Comic-Con next week and we don’t have any device to charge our phones while we are there (other than the usual chargers that plug into a wall). I’ve been looking at portable charging options, so your review was very helpful!

  2. says

    The conference I attended in May I felt the same way! My phone died with still two hours left in the afternoon, I was stuck! Awesome to hear about great options that are so small. I will be looking into it now.

  3. Ashley says

    wow this is awesome, my phone isn’t holding its charge like it use to, this looks like a great option for me! thanks!

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