We Love Tiny Tillia!!

I have talked about my love of Tiny Tillia before.  With five of my friends having babies in the last week, I need a place to shop for those special new babies in my life. Tiny Tillia makes adorable products that are perfect for babies and toddlers alike.

This week, they are featuring the Tiny Tillia oversized bib with an adorable puppy right in the middle of the bib. This bib is large enough to catch any crumbs that your children may drop.  This bib is perfect for meal times, as well as arts and crafts! It is made of plastic vinyl and is very easy to wipe clean in one swoop. Isn’t this bib adorable?

They are also featuring a great Tiny Tillia travel pillow which can be used in the car and on vacations this summer. It has a unique shape of the pillow to prevent babies heads from tilting to one side. It offers premiere comfort for babies 2 and up.


Be sure to check out these great products today!

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  1. daisy says

    We Love Tiny Tillia! When my son was little, we had a Little Cow mat that was from the Tiny Tillia collection that he would play on.

  2. Robin Wilson says

    I am not familiar with Tiny Tillia. But I am in the market for a couple of Baby Shower gifts! The travel pillow is something that I wish I had when my son was an infant some 20 years ago. So much has changed since then! I will be checking out their site!

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