National Camping Week- Tips from Kim Orlando

Are you traveling this summer? I know I am and one of those trips we are thinking about is camping. Before we start to plan our trip, I want my kids to get involved. I try to ask them what they want to do, what they want to eat, and create lists for popular things that they suggest to do during the trip.

For a great summer trip, Kim Orlando, owner and founder of,  suggests you definitely try camping. National Camping week is going on now through June 29, 2013. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than renting a RV and trying camping out! Camping is getting easier and easier to do, especially for first timers. If you are hesitate to camp, do not be! Campgrounds  now offer RVs with tons of space, linens, full kitchen for cooking in, bedroom with queen size bed, wi-fi connections, televisions, and more! I know for me, I originally thought RVs were not a way to go, but seeing how gorgeous these RVs are, I am jumping at the chance to take a camping vacation with one.Kim_Orlando

Not only are the amenities great, but you will feel comfortable on your trip! It is a cozy way to vacation and you can have fun outdoor activities at different campgrounds. If you go to, you can see what each camp ground has to offer and see over 15,000 camp grounds all over the country. There is camp grounds with spas if you fancy that. You can even rent a RV (and do seasonal camping) and leave it there for the full summer! It would be an incredible way to see all the camp grounds across the country.

Camping with RVs is an amazing way to go! Renting an RV makes it so easy.  20 million people are going to RV this summer and you should definitely check it out to see if it for you. Camping is not a lot of work- you can rent an RV for a  few days at a time or for a full summer seasonal camping experience


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*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    These are great tips! I’ve always avoided camping because I don’t love sleeping outdoors but it sounds like there are great other options!

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    I cannot wait to go camping sometime with my little ones. I would definitely be opting for an RV though. There is no way we can do camping in a tent again unfortunately.

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    That’s fun and good tips too. I would love to try RVing. I haven’t yet managed to get my act together and approach a company about doing this, but I may still do so.

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    We camp in a pop-up camper that is more than 20 years old. The kids love it, but it sure is a lot of work! Someday, we’ll upgrade to an RV for convenience! I’ll have to check out the website before we plan our next trip!

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