I need to start printing out pictures stat!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know just how many pictures I post daily of my kids. I am totally obsessed with taking pictures but I am fine with that! I have family far away so they love to see the pictures that I post, as this is there way to keep up with me.

However, lately I am realizing that I don’t have that many physical pictures anymore. Everything seems to be online! I have made it my mission this upcoming summer to go through my pictures and actually print out some. I have found some great deals to be able to save up to 80% online, so now is my chance to do just this.

Just last week, Hayley graduated kindergarten at Sweet Pea’s Village Preschool. She has been there the past 4 years and it was a really spectacular day filled with tears. I took over 200 pictures that day and I think it would be absolutely amazing if I could make her a keepsake of the pictures I took, so she has it down the road, for her family to see one day see. She absolutely looked picture perfect that day, and it is something I never want her or I to forget.424636_10151618829689356_568600663_n

I also have a lot of special occasions coming up where I was thinking about doing picture collages. If I print out the pictures I have online, I can make a wonderful gift for my husband for Father’s Day! It would be the perfect gift, as it would not be overly pricey, but it would be sentimental!

I better get started on this project before times runs out! I only have a few more days until Father’s Day!


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