HABA Lilliputiens- The Land of Small Wonders!

I have been a huge fan of HABA ever since I could remember. Now, HABA is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Lilliputiens, the land of little wonders. Lilliputiens is based in Belgium and its toys are made by hand with care in Asia.

The toys, patterns, fabrics, characters, are all 100% its own creations, designed by a team of five young and trend-conscious moms who ensure that in a world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust, while the many shapes, colors and noises will continuously challenge a child’s inquisitive spirit. Designs and fabulous fabrics necessitate hand sewn, handmade results.

Lilliputiens makes their toys based on theme collections. Each theme is based on a beloved child favorite story and incorporates themed puppets and stories to go along with them. Some of the collections include Ophelie and her Chicks, The Romeo Collection, Reversible Red Riding Hood, Reversible Snow White, Wolf Hand Puppet and The Three Little Pigs, Walter anti-dragon, and more.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 2.54.59 PMFor review, we received the Wolf Hand Puppet and The Three Little Pigs. Hayley is very into fairy tales now and one of her favorites is the Three Little Pigs. Included in this set is The Big Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, and their three houses. All, except the houses, can be used as puppets so your children can act out their favorite story.DSC01544

It is a great story to showcase, using the puppets, both courage and strength. The three little pigs (they are represented as finger puppets) in their little house bravely defies the big bad wolf  (the hand puppet). When the story completes, the three houses and matching piglets are easily stored inside the wolf, who for the occasion becomes a whole lot more welcoming.DSC01546

Hayley and Zane have an absolute blast playing with the Lilliputiens Big Bad Wolf set. They love using their imaginations and are able to do this via the finger and hand puppets. It is truly adorable to see them get so excited to see their favorite fairy tales come to life right before their own eyes.DSC01545

I also love that is comes with a carrying case so we are able to bring it wherever we go. Sometimes, they ask if we can bring this set to their friends, and I happily oblige. Everyone loves to play with the HABA Lilliputiens sets!

Be sure to check out the Lilliputiens on www.HABAusa.com. Also follow along on their social media sites:








*I received the above product for review purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    How cute! My 2 year old nephew has really gotten into being “told stories” so it would be fun to tell a story and use these to help illustrate :)


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