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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just last week, I was thinking that wouldn’t it be so awesome if retail stores had a way to rent out that special dress for one night or that $1,000 pant suit that woud look great on for that special event. When it comes to shopping, I can’t fathom spending crazy amounts of money for an event for one night. I would love to see a way for stores to rent out that special outfit for a small fraction of the cost, so everyone can have access to the newest and greatest fashion. How incredible would that be, right!

Now, we can all make a change with Social Power.

Social Power is a platform that harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, big and small. “It’s a new type of platform for a new type of world,” says Social Power’s co-founder and president, Daniel Gleich.


The way Social Power works is simple. First, users post the most important, resolvable issues affecting them as well as others. Once a user shares that issue on the site, Social Power works to raise awareness for it within its own social network, while the issue creator does the same in his or hers.


When 1,000 people support a particular issue, Social Power turns it into an initiative. “This is when it gets exciting,” says Gleich. “Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of helping us create a resolution. We call those people ‘Agents of Change’, and once an initiative is formed, these Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving.

There are so many issues that we can resolve and chance with Social Power! Perhaps, you want to see your supermarkets change the way they sell their nearly expired items? Perhaps, you are passionate to change the breast-feeding laws? Whatever it is, Social Power can help you achieve your goals and see them become a reality!

Come check out Social Power and see how easy it was to create my Fashion Initiative here:


 Let’s all make a difference.

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    every person can make an impact and change the world!! thanks for bringing this the attention it deserves. We always think we have to take big actions–little actions add up too–we all have a collective voice–so cool! thanks

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