My Little Princess Loves My Princess Academy!

Hayley is OBSESSED with princesses. Everything and anything these deals revolves around princesses. She honestly could play “dress up” wearing princess gear all day long. She has been known to go to school in her princess attire too! She LOVES princesses.

Recently, we were sent a lot of wonderful products for Hayley that all revolve around PRINCESSES! The company is called AlmarSales and they sell a wide array of costume kids jewelry, kids dress up outfits, kids “makeup”, ¬†hair items, and so much more.

Here is some additional information about AlmarSales (taken from their website):


Almar Sales Company was founded in 1965 by Jack Ash. Under his leadership the small family owned company manufactured girls’ hair bows under the brand name “Little Linda”, named after one of Mr. Ash’s granddaughters. A decade later Almar Sales expanded to manufacturing cosmetics and gift sets for girls and women. In the late 90′s the entire line was re-branded to “Expressions” including “Expressions Girl” and “Princess Expressions.” In the last two decades the company has continued to expand the cosmetics and skin care divisions with the acquisition of Jean Pierre Cosmetics and Dream Cosmetics.

As part of these acquisitions, the company began working with major licensed brands to develop:

  • Wonka, Dippin’ Dots, Razzles and Double Bubble cosmetics (Current)
  • Hello Kitty Friends cosmetics
  • Spider Man bath toys and chapstick
  • French Toast school uniform hair accessories
    Bratz hair accessories and costume jewelry
    ELLE and ELLE Girl high fashion hair accessories
    Suave value hair accessories HBA program

Over the last five years the company has continued to evolve with the addition of a Fashion Jewelry division and a girl’s lifestyle brand called “My Princess Academy”.
Almar is currently under the leadership of its founders’ sons and grandsons, as well as industry experts in sales, marketing, merchandising and operations. Today Almar carries over 3000 SKU’s of consumer products, and serves customers from specialty boutiques to international mass merchants.

Hayley was sent items from The My Princess Academy line. We were sent these two adorable dresses that she wears constantly. While the dresses are meant for “dress up” and playing princesses, Hayley has wore her outfits to ballet and danced in them. The dresses are beautifully designed with all the fancy frills that a little girl can love and adore.


DSC00915Here are some other samples of what you could find at My Princess Academy:


Hayley was also sent some perfect hair accessories that she uses almost everyday. They have just about anything you need if you have a little girl including bows, barrettes, and hair scrunchies. Their items are made of the highest quality, while also being reasonably priced.DSC00909

If you have a little girl, who loves “makeup”, then check out their wide assortment of beginner makeup including cupcake lip glosses, inspired from the Pinkerella books. The lipgloss is shaped exactly like the cupcakes, so your kids can have fun while pretending to wear their “makeup”.DSC00912

If you have any little girl who loves playing dress up, be sure to check out AlmarSales and their newest Princess Line Collection. Trust me when I say this line is truly adorable!




*I received products for review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    My two granddaughters are now 12, but I remember with such joy their Princess stages… the costumes, tutus, slippers, tiaras, SMILES! Then came the 7 grandsons! Now we have a little Princess due in July and I’m so excited to know all about My Princess Academy. Thanks for sharing…

  2. says

    Aw, Isabel no longer into princesses but those memories are so precious – especially when she puppy-eyed daddy into getting her the over-priced Disney outfit when she was 5.

  3. says

    My daughter has hit full-on princess stage, including requesting that she be called “Princess.” As a tom boy growing up I’m slightly frightened by this, but since we all know I’m a princess too I suppose there’s enough room in this house for 2 of us ;-) Thanks for sharing these great products!

  4. says

    Our house is tuning into a princess castle! Now with 2 girls its going to get really princess up in here! Thanks for the share. Off to spend some $$!

  5. maria says

    oh my! hayley gets cuter and cuter! she looks so full of life and cheer! :) i love that she loves princesses and is such a girly girl…so much fun! thanks so much for sharing everything, melissa! happy may to you and your family! xoxox

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