Guide to kids’ in-car crafts and games

Summer is the ideal time to get away as a family, enjoy some sunshine and spend some quality time together. If you’re looking for creative ways to entertain the kids in the car this summer, this how to guide to in-car crafts is perfect for you. Here, Pass Smart – the UK company helping drivers get on the road – have come up with some creative travel activities to help you keep the kids entertained on your travels.


Road sign snap

They might not be the most exciting part of your trip, but road signs can be used in a fun, crafty game for kids. Ask them to watch out for road signs on the way and then ask them to draw them on pieces of card to complete a set of their very own. You can precut some triangles, rectangles and pentagon pieces of card so that they’re ready when they spot the signs.

Once they’ve built up a collection, they can play their own makeshift game of snap once they spot the right sign.

Bubble wrap I spy

This is one of the most creative games the kids can play in the car, and the best part is that it’s really simple to make. All you need is some A4 card, some coloring pencils and some large bubble wrap. Get the kids to draw a grid on the paper and draw each box with an item or object they’re likely to see whilst traveling. There could, for example, be different colored cars, animals, trees, planes and anything else you’re likely to pass.

Once they’ve drawn all the pictures, they can stick the bubble wrap over the top, making sure there’s a bubble over each image, and when they spot anything on the board, they simply have to pop it. Whoever pops the most bubbles by the end of the journey, or whoever runs out of bubbles first, wins!


You can really get their creative juices flowing with this one, as they can make their puzzle as complex or as simple as they like. Whether it’s a wordsearch, a dot to dot or a ‘follow the trail’ puzzle, they’ll love making them and this activity will only require a sheet of paper and some pencils.

After they’ve finished, they can swap them over or give them to you to complete.

The licence plate drawing game

You might already know about the alphabet game but this version has a bit of a twist to it. Where you’d usually think of, and say out loud, animals, place names or another category, in this game the kids can note down the licence plate and then draw the objects/animals matching the letter. They can’t draw the same thing twice so once they’ve had a couple of goes, they’ll have to start getting more inventive.

You could also use this as a game of Pictionary, where the kids can swap their drawings afterwards to guess what each thing is!


This one is great if your little ones have a way with words. The storyteller game is where the kids take it in turns to tell part of a story. You might be surprised by the creative twists and turns they come up with, and it will definitely get the creative part of their minds going.

They don’t have to write this one down, but it might be fun to read back if they do!



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