Amusement Parks Make Great Vacation Memories

Britta came over yesterday to have me help her pick out wedding photos that she brought with her. Apparently her mother offered to create a special scrapbook for her as an additional wedding gift.

So we were busy for a while in the living room looking through photographs. Fortunately Jessica was happy keeping busy playing with her Disney Princess Kit.  My husband was gracious enough to take Jake to spend some quality father-son time playing in the family room.

After we had finished picking out the best photographs, Britta sat on the floor for a few minutes with Jessica and looked at the different activities that Jessica finished. They started to talk about how much fun it can be to go to Disney Amusement parks during vacations. Britta was telling Jessica that she has been to the DisneyWorld in Florida several times and how she enjoys going there just to watch the people that are hired to perform in the little nooks and crannies and different areas of the parks.


Britta was saying that some of the reasons that she likes the Disney Amusement Parks are because they have such a good record when it comes to their low amusement park accident statistics, the employees are always friendly, and because the parks are always very clean.


She was talking about how a few years ago she was at the Epcot Center, walking past some restaurants and came across a small group of men that looked like they were part of a janitorial crew, walking along with cleaning supplies and trash cans. All of a sudden one of them yelled out that it was “break time” and they all stopped walking and then started to use their cleaning tools and trash cans as musical instruments to play music!


As the men were playing, a large crowd gathered, and they got a lot of applause for their performance! After the performers left the area, Britta said that she looked at the Epcot guide and found out that they called themselves the Jamitors. She saw that they were scheduled to perform a couple of hours later in the day as well. Britta said that they made a point to be there and watch the next performance too.

While they were waiting for the Jamitors to return for their next performance, Britta and her boyfriend (now husband) walked around the Epcot Center, taking in the other shows and performances. Outside of the building where there is a show about American History they saw a group of people gathered around what looked like a small replica of the Statue of Liberty. They paused for a moment, trying to figure out what was drawing the crowd. People were taking photographs of the statue, posing in front of it, and suddenly the statue would move a little bit, doing something humorous, like taking the hat off of one of the people standing in front of the statue! It was a big hit – a living statue – and Britta and her hubby walked over to take a closer look.

There was a man there who was apparently running the small side show, and he motioned for the two of them to pose in front of the statue, saying he would take their picture for them. So they handed him their camera (trusting souls that they are) and they proceeded to stand in front of the living statue. The photographer asked them if they were just friends, or a “couple” and they told him they were engaged, and took their places in front of the statue.

Much to their surprise, the statue grabbed both of their heads and turned their faces towards each other and pushed them together in a kiss! Of course the photographer got that picture, and they all had a good laugh.

Before Britta ended her visit and said good-bye she gave Jessica and Jake a Kids Activity booklet that she had printed off about Amusement Park safety for kids, and suggested that Jessica and Jake  might enjoy coloring the pages some day. I thought that was really sweet of Britta to do that!


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  1. says

    I love going to amusement parks! Disney is my all-time favorite, but I also really enjoy Hershey Park and Great Adventure.

  2. Marti B. says

    I absolutely adore Walt Disney World. Some of the most fun we have isn’t even riding on the rides, but just soaking up the atmosphere, sitting around, and being a family. Can hardly wait until we can afford another trip! (With a family of 8, it’s expensive!)

  3. says

    i use to love going to them as a kiddo but its been years since I have been. I need to take my daughter to one now that she is older :)

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