Thankful Thursday!

This week, I am linking up to my friend Joanna at Baby Gators Den. With Zane turning 2 this past weekend, it has been great! Here is our photo after Zane and Hayley are going on 7 hours of running around! They are exhausted!


1. I am thankful for the fundraiser that the Rhode Island Bloggers have put together for our friend’s daughter, who is battling leukemia. It is going to be amazing! If you are RI based, be sure to check out La-Z-Boy in Warwick, RI for a great family time!

2. I am thankful that Zane’s birthday fell out on Easter day. It was amazing for him to have his birthday with all his family surrounding him. He had a great day!

3. I am thankful that there is an amazing bakery near me that does peanut free cakes. So many times, Zane can not have a single piece of cake because of his severe allergies. This time, he was able to enjoy his birthday cake.

4. I am thankful for the amazing interactions between Hayley and Zane now. They are really starting to become friends. I have waited for the days where I could watch them play, and finally they are here! It is quite awesome!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. says

    Love this post! And even though they look exhausted, they are still adorable! I don’t think that people even realize how much actually contains peanuts or peanut oil, etc. It’s in so much!! Glad that Zane got to enjoy his cake :)

  2. Amber Edwards says

    I love when the kids become friends! And then they turn 8 & 9 and go back to fighting. Good grief. Lol. I’m thankful for this new dog we got. Jade has started trying to speak new words and we’ve had big developmental improvements with her now.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    What a beautiful family and I must say, you always have the kids looking SO good.
    Now that the kids are becoming best of friends, the fighting usually starts…lol. Least it did with my kids. They loved one another, played daily but argued about so many things.
    Glad Zane’s birthday turned out so good..

  4. says

    I am thankful for having had the opportunity to have my whole family together for our holiday (Passover). My 6 and 4 yr old grandchildren are great friends but, they can really get into fights as well. I think the less we interfere with our kids fights (unless its getting very violent) the better friends they will be.
    My 2 oldest who are in their late 20′s now used to fight like cats and dogs and the younger one used to cry like she was getting killed. As a result I interfered too much feeling really bad for the younger one who it turns out was often the instigator. Its important to keep calm when they are fighting which helps them stay friends also.

  5. says

    Zane and my dad’s birthday are on the same day, just 60+ years apart. :) Zane and Haley look so much a like. Such cutie pies. Glad he had a great birthday.

  6. maria says

    what a gorgeous family and wonderful photo!! you are so blessed! zane and hayley are looking more and more alike! :) thank you so much for all your love and sweet wishes, melissa!
    enjoy your weekend! xoxox

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