Yuck… I hate doing dishes!

If there is one thing I hate, it is doing the dishes. Probably because we go through at least two dishwashing cycles a day. I am constantly putting cups and plates in the dishwasher multiple times a day. Yes we have a great dishwasher but with the amount of snacks and food my kids have, dishwashing has become a chore I don’t look forward to doing. I actually think it is painful at times.

Another thing that could get frustrating is my kids cups and dishes, always come back dirty.You know how it is- you wash your items and you find that terrible water streak after you take it out of the washer. It can become very frustrating washing dishes and such, only to find it comes back streaky.

Luckily, I now use Dishwasher Tablets that have helped me with getting my dishes beautiful again.  I simply place a tablet every time I do a dishwashing load, and they come out clean! It is a real lifesaver.  When I do my dishwashing, I use a dishwashing tablet to make sure I have clean dishes on hand.

With the dishwashing tablets, I  have no stains or no excess food build-up. So many times in the past, I have done laundry, to only have the food still caked on. I know disgusting but it is true! By using dishwashing tablets, my dishes come out with shine and look as if I just bought them! I personally like to use the Finish quantum dishwashing tablet as my main tablet to wash my dishes. It has powerball technology for exceptional cleaning.

The Finish quantum dishwashing tablet allows for

  • Amazing shine
  • Removes even tough stains like baked-on and dried-on food
  • No need to unwrap
  • Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers


Do you go through a lot of dishwashing in your household?





*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Emily Wells says

    I love using the Finish Quantum pacs. They do a great job and really make the dishes sparkle! However, if the load I’m washing has a cutting board with raw meat, anything with raw egg residue, etc., I use the Cascade liquid for that, because liquid dishwasher detergents contain chlorine bleach, and powders usually don’t. If anyone knows of a powder detergent that has bleach in it, please let me know!! But yes–the Finish tabs/packs work wonderfully.

  2. Pamela Halligan says

    Doing dishes is my least favorite chore. I’d actually rather clean the toilet. Dawn is my go to dish liquid. I’ve tried other brands, but nothing beats it. I have tried these tablets, yet. I’m all for anything that will make washing dishes easier. Thanks for sharing.

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