We love Unique Natural Products!

Unique Natural Products make ideal natural bacteria products to improve the home and environment which we live in.  They make a plethora of cleaning, septic, and draining system products to work in the home. They believe so much in their products that they offer a full guarantee on all of their products. Their cleaning products are all natural and safe, while providing an economical solution to cleaning. An added bonus is their products are safe for humans and animals, and will not damage any surface that water will not damage. They are firm believers that nature’s way is the best!


They make several products for the home to provide a natural solution for cleaning. Their products will help with stain/odor, septic system and holding tanks, drain maintenance, and grease/rust/and oil removal. The Unique Natural Products are different than any cleaning products in several ways. With other chemical products, they will break down the organic waste, but will not eliminate it completely, often resulting in a bigger compound problem. Chemicals are frequently dangerous! With the Unique Natural Products, they will provide highly effective cleaning and they will finish the job completely!

We sampled several Unique Natural Products including the Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover, Wine Stain Eater, Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, and Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener.

The Unique Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover was perfect for cleaning our carpets. It got about 97 percent of our dirty stains out. It works with all carpet cleaning machines and leaves no residue.  You can also use it as a stain spot remover. It left my carpets smelling like they were just put in! It will work to remove carpet stains from red wine, pets, food, coffee, fruit juice, urine, feces, vomit, water, grass, and other stains. It contains only non-pathogenic bacteria and is safe for humans, animals, and plant life. It is biodegradable and safe to use on all surfaces not harmed by water.red wine stain remover

The Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator removes urine, vomit, and feces on surfaces that animals leave traces on. It is safe to use on carpet, hardwood floors, concrete kennels, horse trailers, dirt, gravel clothing, bedding, vehicle interior furniture, and fabric. This is the ideal pet odor and stain eliminator if you have an animal in the house. You simply let is soak into the carpet and pad to sub-floor, then cover with a damp, white cotton cloth. You leave it overnight, remove, and let the area dry naturally. I let my sister test it out with her dog, and it removed all the stains on her floors and help skunk the odors.

The Unique Super Digest It- Safe Drain Opener cleans and descales sinks, garbage disposals, toilets, grease traps, and sump pumps. It  is used to open stopped drains. It is safe for your family, pets, and plumping. It makes drains work like new! Super Digest-It contains non-pathogenic bacteria and is safe for humans, animals, and plant life. It is biodegradable and safe to use on all surfaces not harmed by water.

Lastly, the Unique Wine Stain Eater helps to eliminate red wine stains! That is right- you can now get rid of the horrible red wine stains found on your couch!! I know I have had this problem multiple times in my household. It works fast, is completely safe, and removes more than just wine, including ketchup, coffee, tea, fruit juice, mustard, and pasta sauce. It will work on carpet, hardwood floors, concrete clothing, bedding, vehicle interiors furniture, fabric or anything that water will not damage.

Be sure to Unique Natural Products today for all your natural and cleaning needs!




*I received product and compensation for this post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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  1. says

    We have 3 cats so I would definitely try the Pet Stain and Odor Remover. We are using a different natural product right now but I would definitely like to try this. I am always looking for better products.

  2. Susan Johnson says

    I haven’t heard of this company before, and will definitely check into it, because I do not like all of those chemical,over-scented cleaners. I definitely need that wine stain remover, either that or get a maroon patterned decor!

  3. Lorayne Gothard says

    wow I will have to try this. I want to use natural products but I never thought they would work as well as others do. I am curious and will give it a try!!

  4. Ari says

    I like that Unique Natural cleaning products are natural and safe for animals and humans and won’t damage anything that isn’t going to be damaged by water! I worry about all the chemicals that are in most cleaning solutions and how harsh they are upon skin exposure as well as their environmental impact. It’s nice to know there’s a company that is making cleaning products that can be used in the home and are still environmentally friendly!

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