Huggies Wipes- Interested in being a Huggies Tester?

If you read my blog, you know how much I love Huggies. I started with the Huggies brand when Hayley was in diapers and I continue to this day using all of their products with Zane. They are a name I trust and recommend to all moms and dads alike.

I recently learned that Huggies has a new triple clean layers technology that has been added to all of their wipes making it a better alternative in wipes, while still being gentle, to clean a baby or toddler. The New Triple Layers is gentle enough on a baby’s skin but thick enough to clean a mess. I don’t know if any of your kids experience sensitive skin, but Zane has horrible eczema and gets sensitive with most other products other than Huggies. Now with the new triple clean technology, I can be 100 percent guaranteed a baby who does not have to deal with any skin irritations. This is a huge plus for me as his mom! I am a huge fan in knowing that these wipes gets him clean but is also extremely gentle on his skin.

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The Huggies wipes with the new Triple Clean Layers that are are perfect to clean and allows no irritations, are sold at Walmart. Be sure to pick up a pack at Walmart to see the difference yourself! By buying Huggies wipes at Walmart, you are getting the best everyday deal. Also, trust me, once you try their wipes, there is no going back!

Now for the fun part. Are you interested in being a Huggies Tester, by putting Huggies to the ultimate test in real life. The search is on to find Huggies Testers who will be featured on the Huggies page on All throughout the month, Huggies will be looking for Huggies Testers to be featured  at . Simply submit yourself as a Huggies Tester and you could be chosen to be featured on the page. Get your entry in today!


Social_R3_500x500I know for me, we are huge fans of the Triple Clean Layers that are now in the Huggies wipes. I know I don’t have to choose between getting Zane clean or worrying about being gentle for his skin. I know with the Triple Clean Layers in the Huggies wipes, I am getting both.
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If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to go to your local Walmart and try out the Huggies wipes with Triple Clean Layers and see the superior difference yourself. When you are done, don’t forget to share your experience as a Official Tester with your friends. I hope to see one of my readers featured on  on the Huggies page! Go now… Also, if you are interested if you Call **BABY, you  can learn more about new TRIPLE CLEAN LAYERS and get a coupon via text, which expires in April.




*This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    It’s great that they’re so good at getting little tushies clean! Strong wipes that are safe for little ones are important.

  2. Amber Edwards says

    Oh this is cool! I love Huggies. They are the only wipes I will use! They are thicker than others and don’t irritate my daughters skin. I’m excited out the triple layer. I’m already using one and done. Can’t wait to try these!

  3. says

    We’re *thisclose* to being completely done with wipes however I love keeping some around for cleaning up the house. I never realized how durable they were for other areas of the home.

  4. Sandy Cate says

    When my grand son arrived I told my daughter to choose the one diaper she wore when she was a newborn they were the best then and still the best. She discovered this was the diaper you could count on then you were dressed in your Sunday’s best with no fear of a diaper break through. Both mama and baby stay dry through the service

  5. Aliera says

    I called the **BABY and all I got was an operator message saying my call could not be completed as dialed. Anyone elsehave problem??

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