How many DVDs or CDs do you own?

I will start out by answering that question- How many DVDs or CDs do you own? I believe I have over 300 CDs! I have spent countless hours donating DVDs and CDs through the years and sending them out to families as birthday, and holiday gifts. While I love donating and allowing my family to have some wonderful gifts, I recently found out about a site called that allows you to trade in your old CDs, DVDs, and games for cash! How cool is that idea!


If you are wondering how it works, it is a completely free site that allows you to enter the barcode of the CD, DVD, or game to get  money for your trade in. Once you enter the validation code, Music Magpie will tell you how much it is worth. Then you can send in your CDs, DVDs, or games using their free shipping labels and start collecting cash for these old items.  It is a hastle-free, convenient, and easy way to declutter, while earning money simultaneously.

I know for me, this is a truly great site. Just last year, my husband got me a new curio for all my DVDs. However, through the years, I end up collecting DVDs and not even end up watching them. I tend to be that person on Black Friday who buys loads of those DVDs that are on super sale for $5 at Target and Walmart, only to have them sit and collect dust in my curio. I am sure you can all relate if you are music or movie fans. Then even with my big curio, I run out of space and ultimately start adding to shelves that are not meant to hold the DVDs or CDs. It is a real bottleneck effect with accumulating DVDs, CDs, and games. I get so mad with all the clutter that accumulates in my house!

I definitely plan to give Music Magpie a try to see about getting rid of my old music and movies, while trying to earn some money for myself.

Are you a big movie owner? Are you a big CD owner?




*This is a sponsored post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    We have over 700 CD’s but no cases for them so we are stuck with them. I stopped collecting DVD’s a few years back because like you I bought them because they were on sale and never watched the. We do buy a TON of kids movies but they get watched to often to sell. Great site though and thanks for sharing.

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