Fast Camera App- Taking 500 photos a minute!

As a busy mom and a blogger, I am always taking pictures either of my kids or for my blog, so I need to have my camera with me at all times. I do own a fancy bridge camera, which takes beautiful photos, but it also happens to be big and bulky to carry around.  I own a small instant camera as well, but the truth is, these days I almost exclusively use the camera on my phone.  The resolution is great and it is so much easier to just upload and share images with it.
That is why I am so excited about a new app called Fast Camera, by i4software,  that will take 800 high definition photos a minute on my phone!  This is an incredible feature for a mom on the sidelines of a kid’s sports game or even just trying to catch them in action on the playground.  Out of all of those 800 pictures it lets you pull out the perfect shot! One of the features on this app that I love is the group shot feature where you can set up group shots on the interval timer and the app snaps a bunch in a row,  so you are sure to get at least one photo where everyone looks good.  This is especially tricky when you throw small kids in the mix who do not want to hold still.mzl.yuwjhbmq.320x480-75
 The app also features adjustable shutter speeds, which gives the photographer so much more control of how the image will turn out. As the photographer, you can set your own speed on your timer , take your own pictures, change your speed delay, and organize your pictures in whatever way you would like.   All of this on high resolution files,  from a simple to use app, that anyone can use. Why do I have a feeling that this is going to turn me into the great photographer I think I am?! With all these expert features like the Set and lock Focus, Exposure, and White Balance, how can I go wrong. Once you capture those great pictures they can be exported and turned into a cinemagram video or just saved to your camera roll to be shared with friends and family.mzl.vhbxhvgj.320x480-75
I always joke about our family photo shoots where we end up with a picture perfect portrait at the end of the photo shoot, but behind the scenes,  it is rolls and rolls of out takes to get that one perfect family shot.  This app has taken that concept and put it into my own hands.  Now I know that with Fast Camera, which was the winner of the Macworld 2012 “Best of Show”,  I will be able to capture every precious moment, without missing the shot.mzl.luoaxlsf.320x480-75
Please be sure to download the Fast Camera App on iTunes today!!
* I was compensated for this post, although all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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    Wow, what a cool app. 500 pictures a minute? This would be a good app to use when I want to capture those can’t miss moments of my baby making faces or smiling for the first time.

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    I sooooooooooo need that! All my pictures of motion look like an alien invasion or something with distorted faces and dripping arms!! I need this!

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    AHHH!!! And yet another reason why I’m DYING to upgrade to an iPhone as soon as my phone company lets me! I need this app! lol. I have a daughter who pulls the cutest faces and poses, but my phone is way too slow to capture them. I miss them every time. This would totally solve that issue!

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