Oh the Joy of Cruising!

I know… I know.. You all heard about the Carnival Cruise line and the horrible journey those passengers had getting back to land a few weeks ago. While I agree that this is horrible, this is what I like to call a completely freak accident. No one should ever have to endure that, but one should not be afraid to cruise because of this!

I am no expert when it comes to cruising, but I have been on 22 of them! Yes you read that right- 22 cruises. My parents growing up would spend a week every two years going on a cruise, and when I met my husband, we started doing cruises for our holiday vacations too. I absolutely love cruising and feel it is a totally complete vacation.


I have been on many cruise lines and many destinations over the years. Some of the destinations I have been to include St. Crois, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Italy, France, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Hawaii, and more. Every cruise I take is so different than the next, but they all have the same theme in common-sailing on the ocean and having a blast!

To me, there really is no vacation like cruising. Apart from your drinking bill and exursions, everything pretty much is covered including all you can eat food! That is right- you can have 20 meals a day if you like but I warn you, your pants will not thank you when you come back. Truth be told, I have never gained more than a pound on a cruise because I am careful to still watch what I eat and to go to the gym, which conveniently faces the sea, on most ships! Also, if you are a fan of live shows, they have some of the best entertainment. Just last year I saw a diving show on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, which was outstanding! I have seen it all on ships from comedy to humor to true spectacles!

Cruising is a great vacation. You can usually find great deals on cruises online including CheapCruises. Be sure to check out what destination you would like to go to, before you start getting overwhelmed what type of cruise you like to do. Have fun!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Did you like it?





*This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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  1. says

    We had been toying with the idea of a cruise. And yes the Carnival cruise made the idea not so flattering. But yes, I totally believe it’s a freak accident that was not planned or could have been changed.

  2. says

    Hello there Melissa,
    It is interesting reading what you have to say about being on a cruise! Wow! You have been on 22 and you have even stopped in my homeland, Jamaica. That is great. I have never been on one but I have seen cruise ships that have stopped here. My Wordless Wednesday post shows pictures of one I saw recently. I hear that being on a cruise is a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your experience. Take care and I hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. says

    Get out of town! You’ve been on 22 cruises? I would like to be your sister wife if that means I get to go on that many. I didn’t gain any weight on the cruise I went on because I ate better than I would have at home. :)

  4. maria says

    22 cruises!!! melissa, that is SO awesome!! we went on a cruise to the bahamas years ago with friends and it was one of the most fun vacations we had!! thanks so much for sharing!!
    i hope you’re doing well and have a happy thursday xoxox

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