GradSave to send meaningful gifts this winter season!

**GradSave is an online college registry which allows families to create a profile for their child that can be linked to a 529 college savings plan. Parents can then share their GradSave profile on social media sites or email their friends and relatives who can then gift directly to the child’s college fund.*new_logo

I know a lot of parties are coming up and while kids love to receive gifts, chances are they use it for a few months, and then the hype of the gift wears off. What happens if this year, you send a GradSave gift card instead? GradSave will help you put money to your children’s college education. Think about the exuberant costs of college in the future and you will know, that GradSave helps you to save money for your children! A gift of GradSave is one that parents and kids will cherish yearlong!

Your kids can avoid getting  more toys and trinkets and receive a more meaningful gift through GradSave. GradSave Gift Cards make great gifts for new moms and dads, baby showers, baby announcement parties, birthday parties, rewards for good grades; good behavior, goal accomplishments. You can even  put your GradSave profile URL (”yourchildprofile”) on party/event invitations! Be sure to check out GradSave today!



*This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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