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It is the weekend- woot woot!!! I am excited because the four of us are in route to go skiing as a family for the very first time ever! I have not skied in over 4 years, so I am pretty sure at this point Hayley and I are on a level playing field. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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Now onto my laughs:

5.  I talked how Zane is a talking machine now. His language is just too cute. It reminds me of how Tracy from OverMom talks about Logan’s language. Every sound makes me giggle.

4. Morning to night…Zane can watch Oh Dadda Dadda. He is going to flip out when we go actually see Oh Dadda Dadda- translation is Yo Gabba Gabba next week.

3. Oh I tried so hard one night to try to eliminate the pacifier. When I took it, I let him cry it out for five minutes before he said, “I ove yooo.” (translation- I love you) That was it, I had to give him his pacifier back!

2. Hayley is really a big girl now. She loves to do everything herself from bathing to dressing herself. Where did my baby go?

1. Hayley absolutely dotes on Zane and gives him kisses all day. Zane in return pushes Hayley across the room. Oh the sibling love,lol:)





Now your laughs:


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  1. says

    The I love you thing with the pacifier…Linc does that to me when we leave him alone in his room to fall asleep alone…needless to say I never make it long.

  2. says

    Your little guy saying I love you over the pacifier… that is SO cute! And now that he knows it will get his pacifier I am SURE he will use again, LOL. We are in the midst of trying to say goodbye to the paci ourselves, its been interesting… but this is the second day and we are doing okay so far. :) We are only transitioning, though, keeping the pacifier in his bed during the day. He is happy to getin bed with that paci at night and during naptime, lol.

  3. maria says

    Oh Dadda Dadda…love it! :) have a wonderful time on your ski trip!! I’m sure you will all have a blast and the babes will be pros! :)

  4. says

    OMG are you serious with #3?!?!?!? Heartbreaking!! I would have to give it back to – they know just how to break us, don’t they?!


  5. says

    Toddler language is so fun! I love to see them start to communicate what they need/want and how they react when their words actually work! I totally would have given the paci back too! He deserved it after that! Have fun skiing!

  6. says

    Thank you for the shout out! How very sweet of you :)

    Zane is too cute! I love you for the pacifier. We haven’t taken Charlie’s either. She just loves it too much…except that they have all gotten ripped over the last few days so this may be the end. (I keep telling myself that I will not buy more!) She is just chewing them instead of sucking.

    Cannot wait to get my laughs up later tonight.

  7. says

    Ha, it looks like we will be in the pacifier take away and potty training pergatory together. I am no where near ready to do both! It scares me!

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