How/When did I decide to become a dentist? How/When did I decide to become a blogger?

I decided to write today about the how/when I decided I wanted to become a blogger, as well as a dentist. Let me preface this post by saying that the two are very separate. On my blog, I very rarely write about dentistry. It is my own personal choice to keep the two separate and by having my blog, it is a total personal separation from my dentistry job. It is a way for me to express myself.  With that being said, I did have the chance to work with some great dental companies and products, and will fully endorse those products that I am comfortable with giving my seal of approval on. Trust me- I get pitched a lot for dental products but you will never see it go on my blog unless I have used it professionally.

1. Okay so now the first question: When/How/Why did I decide to become a dentist? :DSC08755

Truth be told that when I was in high school, I had a dream of being a medical doctor, more specifically a pediatrician. However, at the same time, I always had a liking to creating art and using my hands. Combining my love of wanting to be a doctor with my passion for using my hands, the natural course of action was to apply to dental school.

While the goal was to apply to dental school after college, my mom decided to let me know about a 7 year dental/college program that I could apply to, where I could finish college in three years and then matriculate into to dental school. I was unsure if this was the right course of action for me but I decided to go if it a whirl. I told my mom that if I didn’t like it I still had my prerequisites to apply to medical school.

I finished up my college years and went on to dental school. I absolutely loved it and have my mom to thank for showing me the way of a great education at such an early age. Being a dentist, allows me to work part time and not have to put in long demanding hours. I LOVE what I do and love helping out children on an everyday basis. It is such an amazing and rewarding career and I am so glad to have chosen this for my career path.

2. When/How/Why did I decide to become a blogger?:

Back in 2010, I needed an outlet to describe my feelings about becoming a mother. I sought out to write a blog, but kept it private for some time. It was a great way for my family and friends to see my children growing up and following along with their milestones and such. One day back in the beginning of 2011, I was out with my husband at dinner and said I wanted to take my blog to the next level.

I had no idea what that entailed so I began reading books about blogging, interactions, creating audiences, etc. At that point, I took the big leap and made my blog public. I remember on day one I had about 4 people looking at my blog. I knew what I needed to do to get myself noticed on the blogging map- I needed to write. So I wrote…wrote…and wrote some more. I ended up connecting with other “mom” bloggers who had similar interests at me, and we formed a great network.

While I was gaining popularity, I still did not have the confidence to apply to do a product review or apply to a big social media company. So, I did what I knew best and kept writing until my arm was about to fall off. I realized that I needed to open up a Facebook and Twitter Page to gain even more interaction with my fans. And I did…

3 months after I started on getting my blog public, I got my first pitch to do a review. It was for Lovable Labels and I remember screaming to my husband, “Look honey…someone wants me to review something.”  I was so pumped and ended up writing a great review. After this, I started slowly getting other pitches and even started pitching for products that would be of an interest to my readers. I was overwhelmed with the support I had from PR firms.

When I realized that I was ready for the big leagues, I started slowly applying to some great social media firms.  Then companies paved my way to be an incredible blogger. They have made me into the blogger I am today and I thank them for this!

With that being said, even though I have reached a good following and pretty good stats (or at least I think they are) I will always still consider myself a “small” blogger. Who knows when I will feel otherwise, but until that point, I hope you like reading what I write and enjoy the stories I tell. As much as I love writing for companies, you will still always see personal stories and antedoctoes on my site every week- I know this is what my readers want as well! I feel I have a nice mix of something for everyone on my site!

I hope you enjoyed learning about me today!

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  1. says

    You’re right – you took totally different paths for your career and your blogging! Which do you get more satisfaction from at this stage?

  2. says

    Good for you!! And I totally hear you on keeping your work life separate from the your blog life. I’ve been trying to do that as well but I’m finding it harder than I thought it would be! I also did a little happy dance when my first pitch to do a review was accepted :)

  3. Amber Edwards says

    I was really curious about the Dental career path. So fun to learn more about you and how you got into both fields. I started blogging for an outlet too! Funny how it can turn into something so fulfilling!

  4. maria says

    I loved this post, Melissa! It was so nice to read about your experiences with getting into dentistry and blogging! I’m so happy for you – that you are able to do both and love what you do! I can just imagine how rewarding both are for you!!

    Thanks for sharing! Love the photo of you and Hayley!

  5. says

    I love reading about how people came to blogging for an income. I had a blog long ago, but I gave it up when I became a mom. I wonder what it would have been like it I had stuck with it!

  6. says

    I know you and I have talked about how you got started blogging, but it was nice to read even more in depth! And I loved hearing about you became a dentist. Thanks for sharing :) xo

  7. says

    Very interesting post! It’s great that you knew what you wanted to do and just went for it. Currently I’m a junior in college and need to decide what to do with my life soon!

  8. says

    Loved reading more about you! I have gotten a few writing gigs (outside of blogging) that are unpaid… yet I am super excited. HA! It all comes in strides.
    I WISH that I was a dentist too… or at least had a degree in something other than hospitality. With our dental health in serious question and Addie needing special orthodontic care, I wish I could get a more useful degree :)

  9. says

    I love love reading mommy blogs – seems like the perfect way to really get out there and have an active social life even if you are trying to be a home maker!

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