How Online Coupons have changed shopping forever

Everyone likes coupons and everyone hates coupons. The love part is as simple as everyone loves to save money. After all who would not like to get  coupons for a Dell coupon code for $100 off + Free Shipping? That’s 100 bucks! Everyone can use $100 extra in his or her pocket. But the other side of this love/hate relationship is the hassle of coupons.

Who has time to clip coupons?

In this day and age who has time to sit down with their newspaper (remember those)? For the younger amongst us, newspapers were piles of dead tree paper that companies printed news and coupons on, and actually get out their scissors, and clip a few coupons? Nobody has time to do that anymore. People are just too busy and preoccupied with other things to care about saving seventy cents on toilet paper.

What people do have time for, is browsing the Internet. People do this a lot. So it makes sense that, since people go online a lot, they should be able to create their shopping lists online, and get coupons for the things on their lists while they do so. This is the goal behind many online coupons sites. You can go on there and get coupons for your shopping trip.

If the place where you are getting the coupons is also the store you shop at, sometimes you can even get these coupons without having to print them. They will simply be attached to your shopper’s card or customer number. This is the dream of cost cutters everywhere, coupons with no paper!

The Future has changed

Now there will be no waiting behind the person who has a thousand coupons for every Cool-aid packet they are about to buy. No more waiting for the lady who just knows she has that coupon, if she can only find it. The future has arrived. Electronic coupons that are easy to use, and fun to browse through.

This is not the end of the innovation however. Soon there will be ways for everyone to use coupons everywhere, not just those who shop at certain stores who offer shopper’s cards or customer numbers. Everyone these days has a cell phone, and increasingly everyone has a smart phone. Soon there will be apps that allow you to get these coupons on your phone. All you will have to do is swipe your phone over the dedicated coupon receiver and ¡Voila! Instant savings!

Obviously this is severely oversimplified. The details behind this miracle of modern innovation is called NFC or Near Field Communication. It is very technical, but think of it as close proximity secure WiFi. The coupons will fly from your phones sensor into a sensor attached to the register and your coupons will be subtracted from your order. Now that is great technology!



*This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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  1. says

    That sounds very cool…and environmentally friendly! I struggle with couponing because I feel I don’t have time to sit and clip every week. It would be very beneficial for me to do it all from the Internet and my phone.

  2. Vickie Couturier says

    I wont hardly buy anything unless I get a disount or have a coupon,,they just save so much in the long run

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