Saturday Top Five Laughs- Will not be live this weekend in light of events today!

I woke up early this morning and wrote my funny laughs for the week, as I do every weekend. Although, I have them all ready to go and ready to publish, I just don’t feel right putting up funny laughs that my kids did this week, when all I am doing is crying today over the horrific events.

As most of you know, today 18-20 innocent children and 6-8 innocent adults were killed in an elementary school in Connecticut. This completely absurd tradegy is now effecting many families who won’t  have their kids to hug tonight. I will be sincerely praying for all of them and know all my readers are too! My thoughts are all over the place from sad to extremely mad to confused..and for this reason, I thought it was only right to not put up my laughs tonight.

I want you to all give an extra hug to your children, your spouses, your pets, your friends this weekend! I know I will be!

My Saturday laughs will be back next Friday night. If you are writing a post this weekend, feel free to link it up next week-no worries if you have posts both weeks- link up two posts next week! Hope to see you back next Friday night and in the meantime, G-d bless America through this difficult time!



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  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I respect your sensitivity! This is such a horrific event and it scares me to think of the world I am raising my daughter in. My thoughts and prayers go out to those families :(

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