My Beastly ABCs- Wonderful Kids App for the iPad!

A few months back, I got a sneak peak of the making of My Beastly ABCs. I saw some of the frames that were going to go into the app and I knew once I saw it, the app was going to be a huge hit! Well, just this week-My Beastly ABCs has officially been released to the iTunes store for $3.99, and I can tell you, it is worth every cent to entertain your children, as well as teach them all about the ABCs, in a fun, and unique way.

My Beastly ABCs is an interactive storybook experience where a timid boy experiences a magical day filled with friendly monsters throughout the world. The timid boy rises from sleep, not really wanting to start the day due to him being still sleepy. He then goes into the bathroom where he runs into the Abdominable Snowman in the tub. Hence, starts the pages of the book- each page representing a new scene with a friendly monster representing a different letter of the alphabet. I won’t ruin the surprise but each page brings to light a different friendly monster, that is done in an adoring way. Don’t worry though-  your children will not be scared!  Venture on to find the Boogey Monster, Dragon, Ettin, Griffin, and many more! Every page of the story features a different letter associated with a different animal, in various parts of the world!

You can see this app regardless if you choose to have the narrative voice on. Since Hayley can not read it, we left the narrative voice on so she could follow along. She was very intrigued with the story and wanted to continue on to see how the timid boys day ended. She also was so excited when the graphics came up and showed some action on the pages. She said, “Mommy…Look at how things are coming alive right on the page.”


While she loved the app and so did her mommy, I particularly loves how it tells a story so it could help with putting together words to form the sentences on the page. Since she already knows her alphabet, she was interested in hearing the story to relate the letters to the objects on the page. On the other hand, Zane was a great test model to learn the ABCs through the My Beastly ABCs. He greatly enjoys me reading him the pages, and highlighting the letters.

My Beastly ABCs is an educational and fun experience sure to please kids and adults alike. You will enjoy enchanting games and fun, interactive experiences while experiencing the highest level of artwork and sound.

Some additional features include:
•39 separate, dazzling pages
•Hide and seek with the boogie monsters in the dark
•Fight off a bully with the aid of a jackalope
•Play ring toss with a unicorn
•Play chase with will-o-the-wisps. It’s pure magic!
•Read and learn about each of the beasts’ unique characteristics and place of origin

This unparalleled interactive storybook provides endless hours of entertainment through its charming storyline, vivid and colorful animations, whimsical designs and engaging interactions.

•Beautiful HD illustrations created by world renowned artists
•Listen to Jim Dale read you the story, or read the story yourself
•Enjoy engaging and fun animation on every page
•“Interactive” mode – allows the user to control the story and engage in playful activities
•“Auto Play” mode – automatically plays the story like a short film
•”Chapter Menu” – allows the user to easily jump to favorite scenes
•”Index Menu” – provides fun, kid-friendly monster facts and descriptions

I highly recommend you download this app for your children! It is a great app for making learning fun! What more could you ask for!


*This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    What a departure from the abc song I grew up with!! And it may help kids who think a monster is hiding under their bed–maybe now they will think it is a friendly monster!!

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