Small Business Saturday- Please join on November 24, 2012 #SmallBizSat

Every year, I go to my parent’s house in my home state of New Jersey. While we do shop on Black Friday, a more memorable day for me is actually the Saturday proceeding Thanksgiving. This day is called Shop Small-Small Business Saturday.

I am urging you all on Saturday November 24, to shop small in your local communities and help out all the wonderful shops that make your communities what they are today. Small Business Saturday is always the day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday that is dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. The more people who join in the crusade of shopping on this special Saturday, the more it will impact and benefit all your local economies. Sure, I know we love to shop the major stores on Black Friday, but please join in supporting the local, smaller stores on Small Business Saturday.

I think I personally like to support small business owners, as I know the effort it takes to start from the ground up. I like to relate it to when I started my blog and how I looked at small businesses to motivate me to take the next step for my blog. I am not sure if many of you know my story, but I started out as a very small and private blog. I updated it maybe once a month, if that, and it was only allowed to be seen by a handful of people. In July 2011, I was sitting with my friend who started a small business in our home town and was truly inspired by how she started a shop in our town, with nothing but an idea and a small amount of  money. 5 years later, her business is hugely successful and it all started with a dream.

Having this conversation with her sparked my interest in perhaps writing a blog for pleasure, but also as a small business. I saw her perseverance and motivation and knew if I wanted to take my blog to the next level, I needed to have the same goals in mind. I started writing more and getting my followers up. I started spending almost every waking second trying to get the blog started from the ground up.

I will tell you it was not an easy journey, but as my friend who opened the local shop always says, “Nothing in life is easy.. especially when starting a business.”  Through my all my efforts, I have succeeded. I now have the privilege of working with some of the biggest companies in the world and being able to write about them on my blog. I have a great following and am thankful to my followers- truly without them, I would be no where with my blog.

My friend inspired me to start my own little business which I call The Mommyhood Chronicles. I can relate to small business in  the time, effort, strength, perseverance, support, and more that it takes to get a business up and running. Because of personally going through this, I am a big advocate of small businesses and try to support them in any which way possible.

I get emails a lot from various readers, as well as friends from high school, who have noticed my blog and wanted to get involved in possibly starting a blog or a small business in their hometown. I try to tell them if they have a dream, anything could happen! They need to work hard and have a business plan in mind. I truly hope I inspire them, like my girlfriend who inspired me!

Hayley sees me on my computer a lot and I tell her a lot that Mommy is working, but will be with her in a short time. I hope Hayley sees my dedication for my business and is inspired one day to start her own. She is also incredibly into art and when asked what she wants to be when she grows older, she always answers “an artist”. I hope I inspire her to pursue her dreams and one day open a mom and pop art gallery! I always tell her, life is about trying hard and believing in your abilities. Nothing comes easy when starting a business, but if you have a plan and a goal, you will succeed.

I hope I equally empower other women in the community to go out and start their own small business. I have so many friends who are already starting their own local shops and I could not be prouder of them! I will always support any of the local businesses!

Be sure to follow along with me, over the next few weeks, as I talk all about Small Business Saturday, leading up to November 24!



*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for American Express. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating

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  1. Bre Dale says

    I always support small businesses, I have a small Etsy shop myself: Bre’s Baubles Vintage so I def. know how hard it is and try to support other seller’s too!

  2. Jenna Wood says

    I had so much fun with Small Business Sat last year. I saved a bundle, and discovered some really cool local products :)

  3. says

    I love this initiative!!! It’s one of my goals to have the majority (if not all) of my holiday gifts this year come from small businesses. Thanks for sharing and promoting!

  4. says

    I live in a small town and still buy from the independent stores rather than the chain store that has just opened. Chain stores can make it so difficult for the small businesses and want to make sure they stay in business.

  5. Dawn Lopez says

    Very cool! I remember a lot of awesome promotions last year that I took advantage of. Thanks for much for the reminder this year! Yay!

  6. Sandy VanHoey says

    I think this is so great! I know I will shop local and hope everyone else helps out in their hometown as well

  7. says

    I love Small Business Saturday too. It such a great way to remember those who work hard to stand out. I’m looking forward to shopping on Small Business Saturday this year.

    It’s also great to hear that you are so proud of you business as a blogger. It truly is a business with so much going on behind the scenes most people don’t even know about. Congrats on your small business and I hope it continues to be a great success!