Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! How was the shopping today? Any good deals? Please remember that even if you shopped today, be sure to support your local economy tomorrow (Saturday-November 24) for Small Business Saturday! Hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

As always, feel free to link up any cute, funny, or top five laugh post. Please feel free to take my button or spread this hop on social media sites. This is not mandatory, of course though! Go ahead and check out the other blogs who link up. They are all so funny and provide me with laughs each and every week!

My top five laughs:


5. When we went to New Jersey on Thursday, Zane cried for 3 hours straight! I was laughing so hard because he was so uncontrollable. Sometimes you have to laugh off things that really make you frustrated!

4. Hayley got a headband set (the kind you make) from her Auntie Shara. As se was opening it up, she replied, “Thanks Auntie but I have 4 of these sets already.” She sure does- the girl loves her headbands!

3. I told Hayley she has to be a good girl to get her holiday presents. Yesterday was a day she was just not good. She told me the next morning, “Please don’t tell Santa… I promise I will be good today!”

2. At Thanksgiving, my sister brought her adorable 6 pound dog named Coco. Zane followed him around and said his name about a zillion times. He is totally obsessed with dogs- it is so cute!

1. I asked Hayley what she was thankful for this week for Thanksgiving. She responded, ” I am thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Zane, and Sophie the First.” We now apparently have a new family member! If you don’t know, Sophie is the new princess show on Disney that Hayley is obsessed with!

Now your laughs:


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  1. says

    Happy Thanksgiving friend!! I hope you are having a great weekend with your family. I think Zane needs a dog of his own, maybe he won’t cry in the car. I love the honesty of Hayley about the headbands. Yes, she is adorable with headbands!! I love her thankful list, melt my heart. We love sophia here too – we have watched it at least 12 times! When i asked Claire what she was thankful for, she’s thankful for a toy that she doesn’t even own – it’s on her Christmas list. Happy weekend!!

  2. Jan says

    That is so cute about repeating the dog’s name over and over, hehe I love that about the headbands, thanks but I have 4 already, hahahaha When she gets to be a teenager, she will appreciate the duplicates of things in different patterns and colors (like shoes!) lolll

  3. maria says

    Aww, I laugh in those instances too sometimes :) so sorry Zane was crying for so the trip!! Hayley has great taste – headbands are awesome!! Xoxox

  4. JJ Caraway says

    Kids can say the cutest things at times and not. I get the pleasure of being able to have my three grandchildren come on the weekend and some of the stories they tell me are just too cut. The youngest just turned three and words come out of his mouth I never even thought he knew. We are so blessed that my daughter was able to adopt him and he is such a smart little boy and a wonderful addition to our family.

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