Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

I am working tomorrow but am taking the rest of the weekend to just relax. Nothing is on the schedule at all but to relax with my two kiddos and husband. Happy weekend everyone!



 As always, link up any cute, funny, or top five laugh post. Feel free to share this on social media channels or take my button- not mandatory at all though. Definitely check out the other blogs who link up; they all provide me with such laughs every week!


My top five laughs:

5. I saw twilight Thursday night with 99/100 teenie boppers. It was so fun and I will fully admit I am a dork!

4. I texted Greg this week that I could not find my phone- enough said!

3. Hayley was really bad at a playdate this week. She had a terrible temper tantrum, which is something that has not happened in awhile. When we got home, I was so disappointed. She automatically said, “Mom, I am sorry. I will go sit in time out now”. It was very cute!

2. Zane dropped his pacifier three times the other night at 3, 5, and 6 AM. Each time, I would go in to give it to give it to him and he would say, “Hi…Hi…Hi..” I am not really into  the HI mood in the middle of the night Zane.

1. Hayley went to give Zane a big hug this week. Zane apparently learned a new word because he responded, “Off…Off…Offf.” Don’t you see the sibling love,lol!

Now your laughs:



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  1. maria says

    Hahaha @ #4…omygosh, Melissa, I do that kind of stuff all the time…like, wearing my sunglasses and thinking I lost them!!
    So sweet that Hayley put herself in time out.
    I hope you enjoy your free weekend and relax and have fun with your loves! Xoxoxox

  2. says

    #4! Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! #2 It’s so hard to be mad at them when they are so stinkn’ cute and happy in the middle of the night! On a side note, I’m glad to see the dentist hasn’t taken the paci away from her child yet either. I just can’t get myself to be that mean to her. ;o) Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    I have definitely been looking for my phone while I was on it or almost called my husband to ask him to call the phone I was talking to him on!! LOL!!!

  4. says

    I’ve got nothing good to link-up this week, Melissa (I will do better next week!), but I love that you went to see Twilight! That’s awesome and makes you so very hip in my book :)

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