Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy Weekend everyone! This week was great as we celebrated Hayley’s forth birthday! Here is her my post on her birthday: Hayley’s 4th bday! Her party is next weekend so it will be exciting. In honor of her birthday, all my laughs will relate to her birthday.

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Top five laughs:

5. On the day of Hayley’s birthday, she woke up and came in my room bright and early in the morning. She told me she was mad at me because I didn’t sing her the Happy Birthday song. I told her I just woke up,lol!

4. Hayley has never blown out a candle on any of her birthdays. She is deathly afraid of fire, so in the past, we would never do a candle. This year, I said maybe we could try a candle in the cake. She blew out the candle. I was so very proud of her! If you know Hayley, you know, than whenever we go to a birthday party, we need to leave the room when the cake is put out. She starts to shake hysterically. I am so proud of her! She actually allowed us to put a candle in her cake!

3. The first thing Hayley said to my mom when she came up to visit for her birthday is, “Where is my present?” Manners..Hayley:)

2. The second thing she said on her birthday was, “I am going to be 5 soon!” Girl, you just turned 4!

1. Hayley told me that she needed to have a Cinderella cake. I told her they didn’t have it. She told me that was not acceptable and I need to find a Cinderella cake. The girl would not take no for an answer… Mommy eventually found a Cinderella cake! LOL

Now your laughs:


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  1. says

    I love how they have no sense of time at this age! Tyler did the same thing. Ever since he turned 5 he has insisted that he will be 6 soon. And I’m pretty sure manners go out the window when it’s your birthday!

  2. says

    oh my goodness that Haley cracks me up! She’s seriously only turning four? She sounds like she’s turning 13! lol. She’s oh so cute! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. says

    HAHA! These are great. Haley has so much personality! She just cracks me up! I love the last one…good thing you found that Cinderella cake!

  4. says

    She’s a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Go her! :) Love that she wanted a son as soon as waking up.
    (Also, hope it’s okay–took a small divergence this week and linked up a post about being a dog mom and gave my human kiddos a break ;)) Always love your link-up, Melissa. Thanks for hosting and happy 4!

  5. says

    This really is the best blog hop that ever has existed. :-) Genius.

    Haha, Hayley is too cute! Poor thing with her fear though. I had that same type of fear only it was about balloons…I was so afraid of them–especially that they would pop!

  6. maria says

    so funny she asked “where’s my present?” my friend’s daughter does the same thing at her birthday parties and christmas. :)
    so glad you found her a cinderella cake…she is too cute! love all of your stories and saturday laughs!!
    have a wonderful weekend, melissa!
    maria <3

  7. says

    #2 is funny because the day after J’s 3rd birthday party, he was already planning his 4th birthday party…lol. So, in many, many, many months we will be throwing him a safari 4th birthday party hahaha! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend :)

  8. says

    I love that your daughter envisioned a Cinderella cake, asked for this kind of cake and was adamant that she was going to have a CINDERELLA CAKE for her birthday. It sounds like you have an independent, clever child on your hands! She sounds adorable. And she is ONLY 4! God bless you!

  9. amber doyle says

    Happy Bday to Hayley! They are so precious and innocent at this age and the things the say lol!