Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come join Our Blog Hop!

Yah, it is Friday finally! It has been a long week here. I am excited because Hayley’s forth birthday party is on Sunday. It should be a lot of fun.

As always, feel free to link up any cute, funny, or top five post. Feel free to help me spread this hop on social sites although this is not necessary. Finally, check out the other blogs who link up- they always give me a good laugh!


My laughs:

5. This is just a really cute one. Last night, my husband came to me with a video he has been working on. It is a 3 minute video of Zane from birth till he turned one set to music. It is unbelievable! I posted it on my personal fb page but I will be posting it to my blog either Monday or Tuesday…It is a true must watch! I just love my husband.

4. We had a play date yesterday and Zane was sort of choking on a piece of turkey. Whenever, he gets something stuck in his throat, he vomits. Always happens like that! Anyway, yesterday, he had something stuck and he begins vomiting over and over. It was like watching a funny movie- seriously the grossest thing ever. Reminded me of The Bridesmaids scene in the bathroom if you have seen that!

3. Hayley adores Zane. If I ask her, who her best friend is, she will say without fail-Zane!

2. I told you last week how Hayley loves board games. She recently became introduced to the toddler edition of Monopoly. The girl somehow knows how to play that game better than anyone else in the family. She amazes me- for real!

1. Hayley came into my room yesterday and said that she did something really really bad. I asked her to tell me and I would not get mad. She starts tearing up and saying, “No mommy.. It is too bad”. Finally she told me in tears that she went pee-pee and she forgot to wash her hands. LOL- that girl cracks me up!

Now your turn:

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  1. says

    Too cute! I can’t wait to see that video of Zane! I love the relationship Z and H have, my kids do too. It’s the sweetest!! OMG, I can’t believe she forgot to wash her hands, lol!! She is something else! I’m so glad to be back this week. Thanks for hosting!! Have a good weekend! Happy Birthday Haley!!

  2. says

    Hayley is so sweet! Hope she has a great birthday! That video is such a cool idea. I wanted to do a Shutterfly book for Samuel’s first birthday with pictures from his party and milestones, but it’s still not done nearly a year later.

  3. Candice Moretti says

    Video is amazing! G has te se reaction every time she chokes too. It’s so gross, but better than chocking! #5 is too funny! Have a great birthday Haley!!

  4. says

    Your husband is so sweet for making that video–you will cherish that! You’ve got sweet kids and a great family, Melissa! I am loving that they are best friends!

  5. maria says

    i just went to your fb page and watched the video and i am sitting here in tears!! what a beautiful video your husband made…omygosh, all the photos…they had me smiling and laughing – there were a few of him crying that made me laugh…i know, i’m horrible, i laugh at crying babies! :) zane is so adorable, i can’t take it! and then all of your beautiful family photos!!
    hayley and him have such a sweet relationship! so cute that she was so upset about not washing her hands. thanks for sharing all you do. have a wonderful weekend, melissa. <3

  6. maria says

    p.s. – i LOVE that song. i made a cd for my friend when she had her first child and that was on of the songs on the cd. so sweet!

  7. says

    That sounds like a really neat video. I need to figure out how to do that.

    That is so cute that they are so close. I hope my daughter will love her sibling on the way that much!

  8. says

    I’m lucky if my son isn’t sitting on the girl child if I leave the room! lol I hope they get to be closer as they get older. They are lovey at times, but mostly it is fighting at the moment!

  9. says

    Oh!!! Haha I wish my kids got that upset over not washing their hands lol, it seems it is always me that gets upset at them! Too cute and yes I can picture that vomiting scene, poor Zane :( Hope he was ok straight after xo