GradSave and a Birthday Challenge!

These days, a lot of parents are opting to do a no-gift option for their children’s birthdays. I can totally understand the reasoning because when a birthday comes, the child ends up receiving an abundance of toys that they truly don’t need. ¬†Instead of putting “no-gifts” on the invitation, another option is to suggest that people contribute to their GradSave account, as it will allow them to eventually have a fantastic college education!

*Did you know saving just $25/month when your child is a toddler can result in up to $10,000 when they’re ready for college?¬†That’s just one coffee a week.*

Use GradSave as a smart alternative to birthday gifting. Just create a College Savings Registry for your child at GradSave then include the link on your party invitations, Facebook, etc. Once you reach $1,000 in College Savings Gifts, as many other parents have, we will pay $100 towards the cost of the birthday party!

Everybody wins. You kickstart your College Savings, No more unneeded gifts, your child gets College savings and finally, you get $100 to help pay for the birthday party.

How it Works

Join GradSave
Then Plan Your Party
Open your GradSave college savings registry and start saving.

Include Your Child’s Profile Link in Your Party Invitations
Click here to see a couple of examples of successful birthday parties.

Receive Gifts
Contribute yourself and invite family and friends to also contribute to your College Savings Registry.

Claim Your Prize
If you reach $1,000 in the 60 day window we’ll give you $100 to use towards your college savings or to pay for your birthday party. Click here to claim your prize.

Additional $149 Value as our gift to you for reaching this important goal:
You’re a big shot now. As an additional benefit, once you reach the $1,000 Birthday challenge, GradSave will set up a confidential private consultation with an independent Licensed Certified Financial Planner who can assist you in financial planning and may also help you set up a tax free 529 tuition savings plan. Take the headache out of all the paperwork with this valuable benefit from GradSave.

Safe and Secure
Funds are stored in an insured and safe FDIC account until you link your GradSave account to your college savings plan, then you grow the plan tax free in a 529 or other state plan. In the meantime, you can still create your registry and start saving!
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    Interesting idea! We invest in our kiddos with universal life insurance so they can use the money later for something besides college in case they don’t want to go – like a business or a house.

  2. says

    I’ve seen this concept floating around a lot lately. Looks pretty interesting… I have a college account for my son, but maybe I should open a second one too..

    • says

      Hi Ashley – GradSave is actually a registry where you can invite friends and family to gift into an existing or new college account. You really don’t need a second account, just register at GradSave and get family and friends to gift into it.

      If you, grandma, and 2 other relatives or friends each save $25 per month, that will be $35,000 by the time your child is ready for college.