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When Zane was a baby, we received the Tiny Love activity mat and LOVED it! I honestly never heard of Tiny Love when we got it, but after we received it, I kept going back to Tiny Love to check out all the awesome products. The people at Tiny Love have given me several products for review and for the first one, I wanted to present the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll, which is simply amazing!

The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll is a stroller/car seat bar accessory that is added on to provide your children with hours of entertainment. The Tiny Love Sunny Stroller is recommend for ages 0-12 but Zane at 18 months, still enjoys playing with it on a regular basis.

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The Sunny Stroll has many different features that makes it ideal for babies in developing coordination. The first aspect is it has an arch that is easily angled towards the baby so they complete control to play with, and see the sunny stroll. The flexible bar contains a crinkly butterfly, rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture, transparent sun prism, mirror flowers for the kids to see themselves, and baby activity propeller. It also has an universal attachment that clips into your stroller and car seat. It will fit most the car seats and strollers that are on the market.

The Sunny Stroll features the arch with angle adjustments and can easily be transported from the car seat to the stroller in one easy motion. The Sunny Stroll is catered to two stages of development: batting and sensory exploration for babies 0+ months, and pulling for cause and effect learning for babies 6+months. The 6 baby activity toys included on the bar will allow your kids to be creative, learn to be cognitive, and appeal to the senses. Plus the bar is flexible, so the babies will love to pull it every which way possible and it will still stay on the stroller/car seat.

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Here are some various uses for the Sunny Stroll (taken from the Tiny Love site)

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0-3 months
During the first three months, your baby needs stimuli for watching and focusing. Stimuli should be placed at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) and should have some movement.

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2-4 month
As he lies on his back facing the toys hanging within arm’s reach, baby can gaze in the mirror, at the shining sun or the toys dangling in front of him.

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4-6 months
Baby’s developing senses and hand control allows him to reach out to the toys confidently, bat at them, hold them and pull them to his mouth for further exploration


Zane loves the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll. It definitely keeps a kid who dislikes being confined in a stroller, more apt to stay in the stroller. He loves to play with all the toys attached and has a grand ole’ time seeing all the colors and action of the Sunny Stroll. The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll is available for $19.99 at Tiny Love.

Giveaway: One winner is going to win the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click continue reading to see the actual giveaway. For the mandatory entry, tell me which aspect of the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll you like the best in the comment section proceeding this post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest you filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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*I received the product above for review purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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