GradSave Amazing Deal Today!

Giving a child the gift of college is giving the most worry-free years of his or her life. Whether your favorite tyke eventually aspires to be a rocket scientist or simply celebrate weekends playing softball, college will mark the best years of his life — and today’s deal from GradSave makes paying for that gift even easier. Right now you can give a $25 gift certificate to someone for only $15. With tuition costs doubling every ten years, GradSave is the perfect gift for your child, your nieces, nephews, grand-kids, or even friends. The money you deposit goes into a safe, tax-free 529 savings plan. The parent can then use the power of the internet to make it simple for friends and family to make contributions directly to a college savings. The GradSave account can later be used for tuition, room and board, books, and other related expenses. Your child has a bright future, so use the present to give him/her the best present of all — the ability to unwrap endless possibilities without worrying about the skyrocketing costs of college.

This is the perfect gift for any parent to be able to save for their children’s education! Make collage savings easy by signing up for the Gradsave plan! BE SURE TO TAKE USE THIS LINK:  TEN OFF. YOU WILL GET $10 OFF BY PURCHASING A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE TODAY SO IT WILL ONLY COST YOU $15. What a deal!!! College tutions are on the rise so take advantage of this deal today!!!

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  1. says

    great idea! My youngest is just 7 months so I don’t even want to imagine college costs in 18 years!!

    Education is undervalued these days and this site offers a great way to save!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Gilbert J says

    Wow! What a Great Idea! I just bought one. Even though the link does not show the $10 discount, it shows up at the checkout part. Super easy to set up too! Thanks for the tip!