The Campaign- My Review!

I will be honest that when I heard about this movie, I was not so sure that I wanted to see it. Sure, I love Will Ferrell, but it looked like would be an attempt at a movie that was more on the “raunchy” side of humor than a true comedy that I usually enjoy. However, my husband wanted to see this movie badly, so off we went last Tuesday to see the advanced screening of The Campaign! I am so glad I went to see it because it had me laughing in stitches most of the whole time. I really enjoyed this movie!

The Campaign follows the story of a pair of wealthy CEO’s who put up a rival candidate Marty Huggins (played by Zach¬†Galifianakis) against the incumbent and long-term congressman Cam Brady (played by Will Ferrell). When Marty first comes out as candidate, he is seen as weak and the complete wrong choice to be a congressman. However, as time goes on, he soon becomes a stand-out candidate and the people start to love him. In the end, the campaign is a huge close race, with the results and what happens next, being unexpected.


Now the humorous interactions occur between the candidates throughout the movie. Most of the scenes will have you laughing out of your sites! There were some scenes that I actually had tears in my eyes laughing. Of course some of it is “silly” humor, but that is what makes this movie a win in my eyes! There were a few “raunchy” ¬†scenes I probably would have done without, but I think this in every movie I see. All in all- it is a funny 90 minute film that will leaving you wanting more.



* I went to an advanced screening of The Campaign. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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    We want to see this because we find both actors hilarious, though I’m not sure we will make it to the theater for it.